According to the "reddit" report, with the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil, the performance of the Chinese men's basketball team has begun to be understood by foreign fans. A few days ago the media threw out a vote: "Is Yi Jianlian a current player in the current NBA?" 63% of people chose "No", but there are many fans that Yi Jianlian can not be rotated in the NBA, not because he does not have the strength .

Yi Jianlian’s performance is quite eye-catching on the Olympic basketball court. Although the Chinese men's basketball team lost all two matches, Yi Jianlian scored a record 25 points against the American men's basketball team. He also scored a game-high 19 points against the French men's basketball team. The strong performance of the United Arab Emirates has also attracted the attention of many foreign fans. Whether or not the U.S. can return to the NBA is not certain. However, as Chinese fans, it is certain that more excellent basketball players can be selected for the NBA.

This year's NBA event has NextVR conducted VR live, good response. Two days ago, it was reported that the Chinese Cultural Holdings Group (hereinafter referred to as “Chinese Culture” or “CMC”) announced today that it had successfully entered into VR live broadcast company NextVR in B round. Chinese literacy micro whale will also join NextVR in China. Establish a deep partnership.

According to reports, NextVR has more than 36 technology patents in the field of VR live streaming, involving the production, distribution, transmission and playback of content. These patents enable smooth viewing of low-bandwidth VR video, reduce live broadcast costs, and accelerate VR broadcasts. Promotion. Since its inception in 2009, NextVR has conducted in-depth cooperation with such well-known IP parties as the American Basketball Association NBA, NFL, NFL, Fox Fox, Live Nation, the world's largest live entertainment music group, and NextVR can provide content from shooting to live VR.

If the United Arab League can return to the NBA, perhaps we do not have to go across the ocean to the scene, we can put on VR head at home to watch his game immersive. I wish him a better future.

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