Analysis of application prospects of LED and OLED

Green and low carbon have become one of the main themes of technological innovation and development. LED and OLED are the future energy-saving experts in people's minds, but in the current application field, LED and OLED can not completely replace the original lighting or display-----

Italian creative coral lighting is beautiful

Pallucco is as passionate as Italy's source, Italy, and its thoughts are like distracting wild horses. The products we offer are always full of new life and help you create a unique world. As the name suggests, the Coral Lights are inspired by the deep-sea coral groves, whose light bulbs are hi-----

It shines when there is sunshine - a company in Hong Ko…

A Hong Kong company, Nokero, has introduced a solar-powered LED bulb called N100 that can replace kerosene lamps and other petrochemical materials in developing countries. It can also eliminate indoor air pollution and burn hazards and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The N100 bulb is a standard i-----

09 China LED industry annual selection Lehman Optoelect…

On May 9th, “China LED Industry Annual Selection (2009)” was officially released in the Peony Hall on the fifth floor of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenzhen Lehman Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. won the "2009 China LED Application Engineering Excellence Award&-----

Lumen Unlimited Developed Candlestick LED Chandelier

To make your house full of warmth, choosing a good chandelier is the best choice. An elegant chandelier and surrounding decorative lights create a light environment that is fascinating. Once you look at this LED chandelier, you will immediately have the urge to buy it home. This table lamp is desig-----

Jiangxi has local standards for LED construction accept…

Jiangxi is preparing to build China's largest LED industry base. However, there is no unified LED lighting project construction and acceptance standard in China, resulting in uneven construction quality of various construction enterprises. The Jiangxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has i-----

Wuhu Development Zone LED industry step on track

After the LED chip package is completed, it is a cube with a side length of one to two millimeters. There are four metal contacts behind the light-emitting surface, which will be inadvertently placed in the palm of your hand. But it is such a small thing, cheaper to spend a few cents, expensive can-----