Tianlong Optoelectronics cooperates with *ST Chaori to …

*ST Chaori (002506) announced the announcement. On November 1, 2013, the company signed a "cooperative production and operation agreement" with Tianlong Optoelectronics, and agreed to provide Shanghai Chaori (Luoyang) Solar Energy Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Chaori through its wholly-owned sub-----

Rong Wanjia will bring the integrated single-module min…

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Gao Jinyu] "There is a domestic market, but no amount." For the current status of the domestic LED lighting market in 2013, Shenzhen Rongwanjia Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rong Wanjia") general manager阮Qinghai sa-----

Baby Optoelectronics brings a full range of lamps to th…

[High-tech LED reporter / Gao Jinyu] The high-tech LED lighting exhibition that has attracted much attention in the industry will be held in Guangzhou Poly Exhibition Hall on November 25-27. As an important strategic partner of 2013 Gaogong LED Lighting Exhibition, Dongguan Zhongzhi Optoelectronic-----

Sensors in feed factory computer systems

1 Compared with the more chemical treatment of the fat and oil plant, the feed mill mainly performs physical treatment (such as screening, smashing, granulation, puffing, mixing, etc.) in the continuous material transport process, and the control system The required control parameters are:-----

Design of LED Lantern Controller Based on ATMEGA8

If you want to change the LED pin, please modify the hardware.h file. If you want to modify the brightness of the LED, modify the Timings section definition in globals.h. This design has two external buttons, one is to select the working mode, and the other is the power switch. When you press the mo-----

How to clean the crystal lamp

Many people like to decorate their own room with a crystal lamp in their living room, but the crystal lamp is installed, but because it is high, it is not easy to clean, and because it is a white crystal, it falls. Dust is also very beautiful! So clearing the crystal lamp is one of the pro-----

Design differentiation: Detailed introduction of intell…

The emergence of LED lighting has changed the way lighting is used. The addition of intelligent control and color grading to LED luminaires opens up new opportunities for designers. LEDs have high efficiency, dimming capability and long life, which make color-changing lamps more effi-----