Introduction With the constant advancement of pig modernization and intelligentization in China, more and more pig farms have begun to use slatted floorboards, and all of them are European-style or American cement leaky joints. Why? Because the production of domestic cement leaked joints mostly uses manual or semi-mechanical and semi-manual methods, and the quality is uneven, there is still a big gap compared with the European and American cement leaky joints, and the quality of the leaked joints will directly affect the quality of the pig's limbs and hoofs. . So how to solve the quality problems caused by manual work on the slatted plate, but also greatly improve the production efficiency, Xiao Bian today to everyone to introduce a solution system - billion-dimensional PLC control system.

01 INTRODUCTION Fully mechanized cement slatted plate production line realizes mechanized operation from concrete mixing, concrete cloth, vibration, picking, surface treatment (smearing), flipping and demolding, in-line steaming, and finished product offline. The process adopts computer control technology. .

02 control object

The production line needs to control 2 frequency converters and 8 motors. It mainly controls the opening, closing, stopping and operation of field equipment.
The opening and closing of electric valves, the chaining of key equipment, and the automation of the production process
Need to be equipped with panel control equipment, the key is to maintain stable operation for a long time, so the high product quality requirements.

03 Control System Configuration

PORT0: Panel and CPU Communication PPI Protocol
PORT1: CPU and inverter communication MODBUS protocol

04 Programming and Configuration

Panel configuration
UH507 touch screen:
A 7′′ TFT LCD resistive touch man-machine interface product with a resolution of 800x480. The touch screen integrates CPU units, input and output units, display screens, and memory modules.
? Can expand a variety of interfaces, the use of hardware and software optimization design, making the product in the touch screen accuracy, accuracy and picture color are consistent with the needs of machine control, widely used in industrial control systems;
• The supported communication method is serial communication. At the same time, custom communication drivers can be developed according to customer requirements.
The configuration software Uniface is independently developed by YIWEI, providing users with screen configuration, drive settings, controls, etc. Communication with the PLC can be achieved through simple setup.

PLC programming
There are 14 digital inputs, 10 digital outputs, and 3 modules can be expanded;
• Ultra-long power-down maintenance using FLASH technology, without battery support, can save data for up to 10 years;
? Have two communication interfaces, all support PPI, free port communication protocol.
Communication program with frequency converter:

05 Conclusion

In this system, UniMAT PLC, HMI, and Inverter work together to achieve excellent performance. The five production lines are stable for a long time and are highly praised by users. The product range of UniMAT series is abundant, can meet most industrial control application occasions, and the cost performance is high, and the cost is lower than the general control scheme.
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