When people's work and life are surrounded by various applications on different platforms, experts from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are becoming more and more clear about the "software-defined world era will start" arguments - this is the golden age of developers, and it also means The challenges of the developer, including the innovative idea without supporting environment, the improvement of the solution's competitiveness, and the difficulty of reaching the target customer, need to be solved. The good news is that this month’s "Silicon Valley, Second: Smart Hardware 36-Hour Development Competition" provides a platform for developers around the world in the Internet, mobile Internet of Things, and traditional solutions to develop applications and The realization of value has become easier.

Silicon Valley Banking·Second: Smart Hardware 36-Hour Development Competition is a large-scale intelligent hardware competition for wit cloud developers across the country. It is committed to finding innovative seeds through the open capabilities and comprehensive self-development support services in the field of smart cloud services. Co-incubate innovative solutions to the smart hardware market, helping developers achieve business innovation and achieve developer innovation dreams.

Recently, the competition has unearthed and rewarded outstanding developers and makers. Whether you are studying or working, whether you are a team or an individual, no matter what programming language you use, no matter what product area you care about, you can now get close to the technology. At present, the 36-hour development contest of intelligent hardware has entered the stage of screening creative works.

Why did Wit Cloud once again hold a 36-hour smart hardware development contest?

The wit cloud said: "The original intention of launching the 36-hour development of intelligent hardware is because although there are tens of millions of developers now, although they are developing enterprise products every day, in fact, we do not understand what they want to develop. Products. This competition provides venues, design coaching, technical support, proofing production, testing and certification services, and cloud services, enabling developers to develop their favorite works with the help of external tools in the shortest possible time.

In fact, in such a fast-paced era, these developers are quickly launching a convenient application. They are down-to-earth and dedicated, polishing products in the first line, and a team propping up a company's product line. They pursue their actions, realize self-worth, and change the world silently.

What can you get from participating in the competition?

The "Intelligent Hardware 36-Hour Development" competition was held to launch the power of the whole society to discover such excellent developers nationwide. At present, the sea of ​​selection of creative works has officially begun, developers can log in to the Wisdom cloud community and major media channels to register.

According to the selection process, the first stage will select “8 teams” based on the opinions of the public vote and the jury. In the second stage, a 36-hour development final will be held at the Shenzhen Huaqiang North International Maker Center from December 17th to December 18th, 2016, and the final ranking will be selected.

It is reported that the finalists and the winning team have the opportunity to win different levels of honors and rewards. The first prize winners will get the opportunity to go to Silicon Valley worth 50,000, second prize, third prize, best creative prize, finalist award. The winners will receive cash awards of 5,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan respectively. In addition, the finalists have the opportunity to receive a resource package worth 30,000 yuan.

In addition, regarding the event, the Bole Award was also set up. Anyone who recommended the team and the team entered the finals will have the opportunity to receive the gift package provided by the Wisdom Cloud.

When you take the gauntlet, arm yourself, and get up to the Silicon Valley line. The second: the smart hardware 36-hour development contest, don't forget, no matter what the outcome, we hope that you are here. Share more and gain more in the feast~

Whether you are recommending yourself or recommending other teams, don't hesitate, the Smart Hardware 36-Hour Development Contest is online.

Give you the most complete secrets! Do you want to highlight the encirclement and win the grand prize? Quickly scan the code to sign up. Come to Shenzhen to realize your dreams!

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