Ganzhao Optoelectronics announced today that for LED epitaxial chip projects, the main technical risks are mainly reflected in talents, alternative technologies and intellectual property/patents. The market risk is mainly due to the over-expansion of domestic quaternary LED chip industry. The price fluctuation caused. At the same time, as the company has formed a large scale of production, the products have been recognized by the market and have good profitability. However, the key components of major equipment required for production must be imported from abroad, and the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate will have certain impact on business operations. . In addition, although the Chinese government is vigorously promoting the development of the LED industry, it cannot exclude the policy risks of the national macro policy adjustment.

Through capacitive touch technology and a user-friendly design, Touch Interactive Advertising Player foster a comfortable, easy-to-navigate digital writing experience. The interactive displays can accommodate up to 10 unique touch points while maintaining the smooth.

Touchwo Interactive Advertising Player includes infrared touch and capacitive touch interaction, 

and the product features mainly include display and search.

 It is easy to install, can be widely placed in supermarkets, shopping malls, exhibitions, business halls, etc, 

to help merchants to place and manage advertisements, help customers view information and search

Touch Interactive Advertising Player

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