First of all, I declare that this is an order, not an original one. Perhaps one or two originals, everyone looked at the points.
The three units have been successfully cracked and are perfect. Do not prompt boot tamper, do not prompt the error code, remote control switch machine directly into the sofa desktop, you need to go back to IPTV directly press the Home button, you have to go back to the sofa table, press settings, applications, sofa table on it.

1, crack and ROOT. It's simple:
Download link:

All cracked files are recommended to download from the group share, do not ensure that other places can be updated in time to update do not understand can refer to the user's graphic tutorial:

2, the previous step is already cracked, and then the second step. At this point, booting will prompt the system to be tampered with, but it should not be restarted repeatedly because I modified the above file and deleted the .oot\adb shell "chmod 0000 /system/app/UpgradeOnline.apk". This step is critical, or some people's machine will restart repeatedly, so we come to the second step: download the following tools, run the infinite restart crack tool. cmd prompt operation, the system will automatically pop up a checksum.img Edit window, the inside of all the characters (8 hexadecimal system I do not know, all changed to 0000000 on OK, remember to save the left corner of the point after the change), and then restart the TV box, is not it prompted to tamper with? Basically, most people did not have to do this step. However, in order to pursue perfection and constantly find information, I continued to refine the first two steps. See the next step for details.

Download: (used after decompression)

3, some people will still watch IPTV, especially their own box is not the type of other people's online box, after hacking, often most people's IPTV will appear during the use of error code, what has been Annoyingly, there is now a way to remove this tip by 80%, not guaranteeing it all, only guaranteeing about 80%. All three of my boxes have removed this prompt. At present, all are normal. Please download the following tools and follow the prompts. After the TV box is restarted, the crack is completed. Download:
Download address:
(Used after decompression)

4, to this step if you are still not satisfied (do not watch IPTV can come to this step, you can either power off or remote switch machine is the default sofa desktop), according to my statement to do, in fact, very simple, do not use To the computer can be. Go to the sofa butler to download a RE file manager HD version, find system/build.prop, mount the RE manager as read and write, plug in a USB mouse, or edit it badly, find this section:
Ro.product.bootiptv=true, change the final true to false

, you can directly press the right mouse button to exit, prompt to save, point is. Then use the remote control to shut down, turn off the power after the red light, restart, enter the desktop, and then use the remote control off, boot, is the default is the sofa desktop? Haha to this step also can be said to be perfect! !

There are no pictures. All of them are based on the online tutorials. Most of the information collected by the masters above do not remember the source. Thank you very much for your contributions! ! Most of them have textual explanations. If you still can't operate them, then you can add 7 groups of 348,081,592.

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