What good habits should be cultivated for daily maintenance of smart TVs? For home appliances, I believe many users are very concerned about the service life. In particular, LCD TVs have become an indispensable major home appliance product in every household. The issue of safety and maintenance is also of great concern to everyone.

It is published by the China Electronics Video Industry Association in the "Guidelines for the safe use of flat-panel TVs". The safety life of LCD TVs is explained in the inside, and the proposal made clear that the safety period for home flat TVs is 7 years. At the same time, TV manufacturers are required to place corresponding text labels on the TV's external packaging box or in a prominent position in the manual, so that users can clearly know that the safe use period of flat-panel TVs is 7 years, and some users may have TV security. The useful life does not attach importance. In fact, the safety factor of LCD TVs will decrease after more than 7 years of safe use. Although compared with the original CRT picture tube design, LCD TVs have adopted large-scale integrated circuit design and the body looks very slim. However, after the extended service, the internal components are easily damaged. For example, patch components, connectors, etc., can easily cause ignition.

Therefore, first of all, when it comes to security, when buying a new TV or repositioning a television location, the experts described the TV explosion as having a safe explosion and an unsafe explosion. In accordance with the standards promulgated by the State, an explosion within 0.5 meters is called a safe explosion. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to maintain a distance of 2.5 meters from the screen while watching TV.

Secondly, in terms of maintaining television, it was stated above that the safe use period of a television is generally 7 years, and the safety of television use will decline after 7 years. Therefore, the longer the television is used, the more attention must be paid to the maintenance of the TV! Danger always occurs inadvertently. In order to avoid accidents and losses, it is very necessary to know more about common sense of household appliances.

1, to avoid long hours or long standby

Many people always like to do other things after turning on the TV, or watching TV sleep at night, and it will be a whole night. This practice is really undesirable. It does not cost electricity, and the interior of the screen is easily burned out. If you do not use it, it is best to turn off the LCD TV, otherwise it will cause internal burn or aging.

In addition, even if you turn off the TV, it's best not to save your time and use the remote control directly. Because the LCD TV is in standby, the internal components are still working, which will also reduce the service life.

2, high brightness and high contrast is not desirable

Many small buddies like to adjust the contrast and brightness to the highest, thinking that this can improve the clarity of the image. However, this method is not desirable. It will not only damage your eyes but also cause visual fatigue. It will also lead to the aging of LCD TVs.

3, the TV should not share a socket with the refrigerator

This is because the starting current of the TV and the refrigerator is very large, the refrigerator is 5 times of the rated current, and the color TV is 7-10 times of the rated current. If it is started at the same time, the receptacle contacts and leads are unbearable and affect each other, which is easy to produce unexpected hazards. In addition, when televisions and refrigerators work, electromagnetic waves are generated, and the distances are likely to be affected by interference. As a result, color TV images are unstable and noises appear. Therefore, color TVs and refrigerators should not share the same porous row.

4, avoid sunlight, place a cool ventilated place

TV should be placed away from heat, should be placed in a cool ventilated place, do not let direct sunlight. Some families prefer to use a TV cover. When the TV is turned on, it is best to remove the cover of the TV in order to dissipate heat. The rainy season must be maintained on a daily basis to protect the TV from moisture and internal components.

5, buy a TV with high security factor

Say goodbye to the CRT tube design TV, LCD TVs do not use the internal tube, but after the extended service, the internal components are also very easy to damage, the screen is not conducive to eye health in the long term. Whether it is for safety or eye health, it is advisable to use an OLED screen type TV. In addition, OLEDs are also more resistant to low temperatures (down to -40 degrees Celsius), high viewing angles, higher luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, and even bending.

6. Watching TV on Thunderstorm Weather

When using indoor cable or digital TV, Thunderstorm can watch TV programs as usual (it is best to turn off the TV, unplug the antenna and power plug to prevent the TV from being damaged by a lightning strike). However, when using an outdoor antenna (digital satellite receiver), you should not watch TV. At the same time, you must unplug the outdoor antenna from the TV and ground the outdoor antenna to prevent it from damaging the TV and endangering your personal safety.

of course! All electrical appliances are produced with safety and high quality as the first standard before production. It is not that after 7 years of security, the television will be bad (What is the difference between disposables and disposables?) Little buddies need not worry After 7 years of television can not be used, pay attention to the purchase of regular high-quality television brands when buying TV, usually pay attention to the use of television, regular maintenance of television, but also afraid not to use it for a long time! ! !

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