Sichuan Changhong OLED screen production line invested 705 million yuan in the first phase, Kunshan Visionox OLED production line invested 500 million yuan, Rainbow (Foshan) OLED project invested 508 million yuan, Dongguan Hongwei digital OLED production line invested 600 million …... nearly one year More and more OLED investment in China has been heating up, and many production lines have been launched. In this regard, experts pointed out that the global OLED market is now in the mid-stage of industrialization, OLED provides a good development opportunity for China's display industry, Chinese companies need to lay out in advance and actively participate in this global industry competition. However, at present, OLED products still have shortcomings in terms of price, longevity and large size. It is necessary for the production, education and research parties to work closely together to strive to break the development bottleneck as soon as possible.
The OLED industry is gradually investing in hotspots. Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are regarded as the new flat panel display technology with the greatest development potential after LCD and PDP. According to the latest statistics from DisplaySearch, a market research organization, global OLED shipments reached US$192 million in the second quarter of this year, up 22% year-on-year. It is estimated that the global OLED output value will increase from the US$600 million in 2008 to a compound annual growth rate of 33% to 2016. It reached a scale of US$6.2 billion.
As a global electronics manufacturing and consumer power country, China is also regarded as the world's largest OLED application market. The company's demand for OLED panels will increase in the next three years as demand for consumer electronics products continues to increase. Rapid growth. Based on this, domestic and foreign companies have been rushing to accelerate the pace of investment in the OLED industry in recent years. So far, the industry has begun to take shape.
In response to the current OLED investment boom, experts generally believe that in the development of global display technology, Chinese companies failed to follow up in the early days of the development of CRT and LCD technology, and ultimately can only play a low-margin manufacturing and foundry in the industrial chain. Character. Nowadays, the global OLED market is in the mid-stage from the initial stage of industrialization. The market situation is similar to the development of the LCD industry around 2000, so it provides a good development opportunity for Chinese mainland enterprises. Dr. Xiang Chuanyi, Manager of Process Integration Department of Shanghai Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. believes that at this stage, the OLED industry has developed into a mass production period to achieve profitability, and enterprises have entered the industry one after another; in addition, from the perspective of development, China OLED in the next few years Market demand is much higher than current supply.
Industry development faces bottlenecks and constraints. At present, in the field of flat panel display, LCD is occupying the mainstream position in the market, and OLED as a next-generation display technology still faces many bottlenecks.
At the 2009 Organic Optoelectronics Industry Technology Shanghai Forum, Liu Hong, assistant general manager of Changhong Group Sichuan Hongshi, pointed out that there are currently three major problems that are affecting the rapid development of the OLED industry. First of all, OLED products are expensive and expensive because of the small scale, which makes material cost and process cost impossible to reduce. Secondly, at the technical level, OLED lifetime needs to be improved. At present, OLED products have a lifetime of only 20,000 hours, to achieve industrialization. At least 50,000 hours are required. Once again, OLEDs are mainly used in the small-size panel market, and there is still a need to break through in terms of large size.
In addition, China's OLED industry chain has not yet formed. Almost all of the upstream materials and accessories need to be purchased from Japan, South Korea, etc., and the key equipment and system technology of the entire equipment are also in the hands of Japanese, Korean and European companies.
In addition, in the opinion of experts, China's role in basic research, industry standards, and industry resource integration of OLEDs needs to be strengthened.
Chinese enterprises still have development opportunities to face the difficulties of China's OLED industry. Liu Hong believes that China's OLED industry is still full of development opportunities, because the world's OLED industry is still in the early stage of industrialization, and the current active OLED devices that pose a threat to LCDs are realized. There are only a few companies in mass production; in terms of technology, China and the global industry are at the same starting line. Who can make breakthroughs in the development and manufacturing process of luminescent materials and devices, whoever may gain industry dominance; OLED industry investment is relatively Low; China has mastered many key technologies in the synthesis of organic light-emitting materials, which is a huge advantage for China to enter the OLED industry.
Ren Xueyan, director of R&D Center of Beijing Weixinnuo Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out that although OLED products are still unable to compete with LCD products in the market, OLEDs have their own unique advantages, such as thinner, lighter, and low temperature resistance, only highlighting the characteristics of the technology itself. OLED can gain market advantage.
In addition, experts said that because the current cost of OLED is 1.5 times that of LCD, at this stage, Chinese OLED companies should try to avoid some of the already mature LCD market, and try to expand the high-end market that is relatively less sensitive to price, and other industries in the future. After getting bigger, go to compete with LCD products.

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