SiCA for Street Light Monitoring is a fully wireless street light monitoring and control system presented by EpiSensor ( http:// ) . It allows facility managers to remotely switch and dim street lights from the control centre based on schedules and events .

This can also reduce street light energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions. The system also tracks lamp failures and day burning lamps to reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction.

Save Energy by Dimming
Energy savings of up to 40% can achieved by dimming lamps during off-peak hours and installing efficient electronic ballasts in street light luminaires. A wireless controller is attached to each ballast which sends data to a SiCA Gateway using secure and reliable Zigbee10 wireless technology.

This data is then sent to a central SiCA Server where it is made available for management and reporting applications. Node to SiCA Gateway ratios of up to 200 can be achieved depending on the terrain and reporting interval.

Scheduling & Remote Control
Street light controllers can be grouped and schedules defined based on traffic volumes, location or once-off events. For example power can be increased during Winter shopping seasons, public holidays & weekends but reduced during the working week and other quiet periods.

Street lights can also be controlled manually by an operator from a central location in the event of a road traffic accident or similar emergency. This feature can also be used to exclude individual street lights from energy saving schedules to increase security in dimly lit areas.

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