It is understood that the 4th China Internet Security Conference will be held on August 16th. More than 100 think tanks and experts from more than 70 network security related organizations and enterprises from around the world will participate in the conference, covering topics such as the world cyber security situation and cyberspace. 9 major directions such as strategy, industry direction, industry trend, technology future, industrial cooperation, investment and entrepreneurship, talent cultivation, and security attack and defense. This year's conference will host the multilateral closed-door forum of the four countries for the first time, and invite representatives of many countries to discuss the security of cyberspace between countries and lead the national network information security.

In addition, in the early morning of July 20, China's largest vulnerability reporting platform, WooYun, suddenly could not be accessed. According to media reports, several senior executives of the Wuyun network including co-founder Fang Xiaodun have been arrested. Almost at the same time, the Enterprise Internet Test Platform Vulnerability Box announced that it has suspended the acceptance of Internet vulnerabilities and threat intelligence. So far, among the three partners of the National Information Security Vulnerability Sharing Platform, only Qihoo 360's Butian Vulnerability Response Platform is still operating normally.

Comprehensive 澎湃, Southern Weekend and other reports, due to the ambiguous definition of hacker and private information security platform, operational procedures, information disclosure is not standardized, resulting in the emergence of the black cloud network model, it is controversial in law and morality. Some professionals also noticed that before and after the reorganization, the relevant legislation and system construction at the national level is also accelerating. For example, the Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group approved the “Several Opinions on Strengthening National Network Security Standardization Work”, which will be officially announced in the near future. Issued and implemented quickly.

Since the beginning of this year, the security industry has been trading heavily. First, IBM acquired Resilient Systems, then Cisco acquired CloudLock, AvastSoftware acquired AVG, and now Symantec acquired Blue Coat, and there are also domestic

Venus Star acquired Saibo Xing'an, Nanyang shares plans to acquire Tianrongxin and so on. According to the analysis, in the above-mentioned context, the integration at the industry level will be accelerated by the relevant regulatory authorities, and the industry leading market share and industry control capabilities such as Venus Chen and NSFOCUS will be further enhanced.

Since 2014, NSFOCUS's investment targets include Yisaitong, Shenzhidu, Anhuajinhe, Minxun Technology, Jinshan Security, Hangzhou Bangsheng, Likong Huakang, Apollo Cloud, etc.; November 2015 The company's cloud security platform, Green League Cloud, went online to provide customers with professional network security products and service delivery capabilities through the SECaaS model. Since then, the company has cooperated with Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud and raised funds through smart non-public issuance to invest in smart security. The protection system project will further improve the cloud security layout. The industry judges that 2016 will be the turning point of the company's performance.

Since the second half of 2016, the top management has paid great attention to network security. From legislation to full network security inspection and network security international cooperation, it is beneficial to promote the rapid growth of the industry. The network security sector is expected to be re-ignited.

Press Brake Protection

BLPS laser safety protective device is designed for personal safety used on hydraulic bender.
The dynamic test technology it used has passed the Type 4 functional safety assessment by TUV, and get the national invention patent. The product reaches the advanced technological level of similar products.
BLPS laser safety device provides protection zone near the die tip of the bender to protect fingers and arms of the operator in close to the upper mold die tip. It is the most effective solution so far to preserves the safety and productivity of the bender.

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