As the pace of work continues to accelerate, notebook computers and other office equipment have undoubtedly become one of the indispensable equipments for most white-collar companies, business people and other user groups. However, whether the hardware configuration is strong, whether the interface is complete, or not carried out Whether it is lightweight and whether the design is pleasing to the eye has also become a necessary consideration for the purchase of office books by such people. Lenovo Yang Tian as the Lenovo's business notebook brand with the ThinkPad positioning is different, has always been to the user's price, good configuration known to users, Xiao Bian brought everyone today is Lenovo Yang Tian launched a new series of V-business This - Lenovo Yangtian V310 series, the series of business this has 14 inches and 15 inches two sizes, today's evaluation is this 14-inch version - Lenovo Yangtian V310-14.

Lenovo Yangtian V310-14: All-black light appearance with low-key business content

Focus of evaluation: thickness, weight, appearance (A, D surface), speaker, display, axis

Seeing Lenovo Yangtian V310-14 business book at first glance, it gives people a very thin feeling, the overall design of the angular, plus a black low-key appearance, so that the size of the eye than the actual measurement Slightly lighter. In fact, the Lenovo Yangtian V310-14 equipped with an i7 processor, a discrete graphics card, and a DVD drive (which will be described in detail later) has a thickness of only 22.7mm (official data). The weight of the entire machine is 1.75kg. This is very rare for laptops with such a comprehensive configuration. For those who travel frequently, the aircraft is undoubtedly a relatively good model.

The whole weight is 1.75kg

Do not calculate the thickness of the base is about 22mm, it is still relatively thin

In terms of materials, Lenovo's V310-14 uses a composite material and has a very delicate skin-like layer. The hand-held feel is very comfortable. The overall appearance of the aircraft is simple and fashionable. The top part of the fuselage also retains only one Lenovo logo. The other side of the fuselage also retains only a few necessary product logos. The low-profile, simple, and business may be the best appearance characteristics of the aircraft. Generalize.

Lenovo's V310-14 speaker position is set directly above the D surface of the camera body, using a symmetric design, and using Dolby Audio technology to make this machine sound effects this sound is still very good, but relative to video and audio This is still a bit worse, after all, the aircraft is the business orientation.

Lenovo Yangtian V310-14 B surface equipped with a 14-inch 1080P full high-definition display, the overall picture is soft and delicate; the same time, the screen uses a matte design, even under intense light can enjoy a relatively clear picture, the overall comfort It is high and can play an anti-glare effect, which is a considerable benefit for friends who work outdoors.

In addition, the Lenovo V310-14 uses an embedded hinge design that can rotate 180 degrees, each angle is relatively stable, with a good visual sharing angle, with the non-reflective matte screen design mentioned above, for the user to work and Photocopying and other related issues encountered in life have been facilitated.

Lenovo Yangtian V310-14: complete interface + good heat dissipation lays business performance

Focus of evaluation: keyboard, touchpad, interface, vents, fingerprint recognition device

On the keyboard, Lenovo Yangtian V310-14 uses an island-style keyboard design. Its keycap size is just suitable for the size of a normal person's finger belly, and it is not prone to inadvertent touch. At the same time, the surface of the keycap is also frosted and the overall touch is good, and it is not easy to contaminate the fingerprint. The keystrokes on this keyboard are moderate, the actual tapping experience is soft, and the rebound feel is relatively general, but the overall experience is still acceptable.

Touchpad, the Lenovo Yangtian V310-14 uses a separate design, and with the left and right two physical buttons, also performed a frosted treatment, the keys feel comfortable, and both buttons are used above the red striped color, so that the aircraft single Seeing the touchpad has a sense of the ThinkPad, adding a nice visual effect. Different from the key part, the surface of the touchpad of the machine adopts the skin-like coating similar to that of the body. The sensitivity is high when the user slides, and it is very convenient for many users to operate without a mouse.

Interfaces, Lenovo Yangtian V310-14 has a power connector, VGA port, RJ-45 cable interface, HDMI interface, and two USB 3.0 ports on the left side of the fuselage, in which VGA and HDMI interfaces are added simultaneously for many users who often meet. It's really intimate, because they no longer have to worry about not having a suitable video output interface or patch cord.

The right side of the fuselage has 3.5mm headphone microphone interface, USB 2.0 interface, security keyhole and DVD drive. Although DVD drives today are not very useful for ordinary people, they are still necessary for some specific user groups.

In terms of heat vent design, the Lenovo V310-14 uses a conventional left-side heat-dissipating air outlet and designs two heat-dissipating air inlets on the base of the D-side of the camera body. The overall heat-dissipating effect is still very good. During actual testing and use The machine did not produce a feeling of overheating. The hand was placed on the heat exhaust outlet to feel good air flow.

In addition, Lenovo V310-14 also provides users with a fingerprint identification device to ensure the safety of the user's business office data, the fingerprint identification device uses a common sliding fingerprint identification module, finishing the sensitivity is still very good.

Green backlight power button

Lenovo Yangtian V310-14: i7+ dual hard drives designed to meet the needs of business office

Focus of evaluation: CPU, graphics card, memory, hard disk

Master Lu configuration list, does not include AMD R5 M430 alone significantly


Intel's sixth-generation low-voltage processor i7-6500U

Next, we use the CineBench R15 version to test the CPU performance of this machine. CineBench is a very convincing set of CPU and graphics test systems, the latest is the R15 version. Compared to up to 16 cores in the R11.5 version, the R15 version can support up to 256 logic cores. In addition, this version also enhances the investigation of shaders, anti-aliasing, shadows, lights, and reflection blurring, as well as CPU performance. The test is more accurate.

From the test results of CPU-Z and CineBench R15, we can see that i7-6500U processor performance is slightly higher than the fourth-generation and fifth-generation low-voltage processors, which undoubtedly proves that Intel's sixth-generation skylake core architecture With great performance improvements, this processor is stress-free for everyday work.

Graphics card:

We can use Lu Master to see the dual graphics design of the aircraft with Intel HD 520 core graphics and AMD R5 M430 2G memory discrete graphics.

With the CineBench R15 test, the graphics performance is between the NVIDIA GT 620 and the GTX 960M

The 3D mark 11 score is 1757. This score indicates that this discrete graphics card can easily handle the applications encountered in the daily work process.


Next, we tested the memory and CPU cache performance of this machine through AIDA64. AIDA64 is a tool for testing hardware and software system information. It can display detailed information on every aspect of the PC. The AIDA64 not only provides features such as assisting overclocking, hardware debugging, stress testing, and sensor monitoring, but it also provides a comprehensive assessment of processor, system memory, and disk drive performance. From the above figure, we can see that the machine's memory and CPU cache performance is still very good.

hard disk:

LITEON 128G SSD with an average reading speed of 330M/S

ST 500G HDD: The average reading speed is 83M/S. The design of the hybrid hard disk ensures the space for daily office data storage.

Finally, a PC mark 7 finale, 4911 score proved that the aircraft is a good business office

Life test: long enough for dual batteries

PC mark 8 work test environment test life, its use of the environment including daily office, chat, browse the web, watch videos.

Nowadays, most notebook manufacturers have overestimated the battery life of their production notebooks. The legendary 10-hour battery life is untenable in reality. The Lenovo Yangtian V310-14 business tested today uses a dual-battery design. The PC mark is used to test the battery life in 5 hours and 13 minutes. This is a very good result for a business case. Office can still meet the life requirements.

Evaluation summary:

Lenovo V310-14 machine uses a low-key business design, and comes standard with Intel's sixth-generation low-voltage processor and AMD discrete graphics, enough to deal with the use of everyday office environment, dual hard drive design also ensures adequate storage space; At the same time, the aircraft has a complete interface design, a good cooling system and a good battery life (double battery design), no doubt laid the foundation for business mobile office. From the overall test results, Lenovo V310-14 is in line with business positioning, applicable to white-collar companies, business people, etc. It is a reliable business notebook.

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