A total of five new MRI equipment manufacturers in the United States, Europe and Asia have handed medical imaging enhancement needs to industry leaders

Boston, Massachusetts and Stockholm, Sweden — November 11, 2013 — Recently, five global MRI equipment manufacturers from the United States, Europe and Asia selected ContextVision's GOPView MRI2Plus for the equipment upgrade. Today's medical industry needs to continuously improve efficiency and ensure patient safety. The results of the images that radiologists around the world view every day are gradually increasing, so the quality of the images has become the key. Kangtai Ruiying's first-class image enhancement software can precisely promote the image effect, improve the accuracy of diagnosis, and increase the processing volume.

GOPViewMRI2Plus is specially designed for MRI imaging and can achieve:

· In the image, increase the contrast of soft tissue

· Reduce noise while sharpening the edges of the image

· Improve the contrast between white and gray parts in brain tissue images

· Customized features to meet the needs of different equipment manufacturers

Anita Tollstadius, CEO of Kangtai Ruiying, said, "Our leading technology for nuclear magnetic resonance equipment can be easily embedded into the software of equipment manufacturers to enhance the image effect. The stability of our software and our expertise in image quality ensure faster And accurate diagnosis, so it has won the trust of many OEM customers. The five new MRI customers are the best proof of the value of our products and services. "

With the continuous evolution of medical imaging equipment, as a globally recognized medical imaging provider, more and more companies seek to cooperate with ContextVision. Our advanced and sophisticated image enhancement software can solve the imaging challenges of today's different treatment methods.

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About ContextVision

Since 1983, ContextVision has provided leading image enhancement software solutions to the world medical imaging industry based on its widely used GOP® core technology. Through the manufacturer, the company provides doctors with unprecedented high-quality images and ultimately helps patients obtain better treatment results. ContextVision is also constantly introducing new software and patented technologies, covering ultrasound, digital X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, breast X-ray imaging, X-ray fluoroscopy, and CT imaging. ContextVision's breakthrough technology and long-term accumulated patented technology will continue to lead the way in 2D / 3D / 4D image enhancement across multiple diagnostic methods. For more information about ContextVision, please visit:

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