In order to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, Funai Electric Co. will move the LED backlight module panel production line for LCD TVs to mainland China. The report pointed out that the ship line will transfer the above production line to the cooperative factory in Guangdong Province as soon as possible in May. Initially, the LED backlight panel required for small-sized models such as 20-inch TV will be produced first, and then 32-inch and larger will be planned. Size model.

At present, Chuanjing purchases LED backlight module panels from panel manufacturers, and will separate the procurement of components such as LCD panels and LED chips in the future. Funai's LED-backlit LCD TVs began shipping in North America in February. The global sales target for the next fiscal year (end of March 2011) is 8 million units, an increase of 50%, of which 1 million to 1.5 million units will be LED backlight model.

Dell have been one of the few Western companies to make significant inroads into the huge laptop and netbook market. Started in Texas by Michael Dell, the company has become a power-house of the technology sector.

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