The continuous development of LED lamps, Japan's GFK recently released home appliance chain LED bulb sales dynamics report shows that Japan's about 4,500 home appliance chain stores, the third week of November LED bulb sales reached about 3,500, compared with the first week of July surge About 35 times. LED light bulbs accounted for 5% of all sales in the light bulb market, and the proportion increased to 35%, making it the main growth driver in the Japanese light bulb market.

According to the survey, the current trend of low-cost LED lighting in Japan is obvious. In addition to the launch of “contracted production and domestic OEM sales” by the backbone manufacturer Orion Motor, the price competition of major manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba is also fierce. At the beginning of the market, the average price of LED bulbs in Japan was about 7,000-8,000 yen (about RMB 530-600), but after August, Sharp, Toshiba Lighting, Panasonic, etc. were only half-priced, 3,000-4,000 days. A new low-cost LED light bulb (about RMB 230~300 yuan).

In terms of the best-selling structure, it generally shows the trend of electric ball color and white color. Among them, the sales of electric bulbs accounted for 43%, and whites accounted for 54%. In terms of brand, Sharp DL-601N, 601L and L401N are ranked 1st to 3rd in the best-selling list respectively; DL-L401L is ranked 5th. Panasonic's LDA7D-A1 (4th) and LDA7L-A1 (7th) are among the top 10 products. Toshiba Lighting LEL-AW6N/2 and LEL-AW6L/2 are ranked 9th and 10th.

According to the report, although the price gap between LED bulbs and ordinary incandescent lamps is still quite obvious, the awareness of consumer housing environment and environmental performance is increasing, and the Japanese government has extended the implementation period of LED bulbs to the end of next year. Scope, therefore, LED bulb sales will show a sharp growth during the peak of commercial light bulb sales at the end of the year, and the prospects for development are very good.

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