The day before yesterday, the world’s second-largest computer company, Lenovo Group, reported that it had suspended the sale of netbooks on its website. This was the second major computer company to stop selling netbooks after Dell stopped selling netbooks. Several other PC makers are also planning to reduce the production and sales of netbooks. All sorts of signs show that the Internet that used to be hot for a while now has become a yellow flower and is no longer the mainstream of the market.

What is the sales situation of tablet PCs in Internet cafes? Yesterday, the Chongqing Evening News reporter visited the city’s home appliances and computer stores, and found that the number of netbooks, both brands and brands, was significantly lower than the previous year.

Shapingba Gome and Suning Appliance, only Asustek is still selling netbooks, and only one category, there is not much choice. In the Jiefangbei Bayi road Suning and Gome, Chongqing Evening News reporter saw seven or eight computer brands in the store, only Asus and Samsung have netbooks for sale, the price is about two thousand or three thousand yuan.

In Cyberport Computer City, which has a relatively large number of brands, the Chongqing Evening News reporter asked more than a dozen brands. Four brands, Shenzhou, Tsinghua Tongfang, Acer and Samsung, are selling netbooks. In terms of models, except for Samsung and Shenzhou, there are only 2-3 models to choose from. There are only one other brand. Dell's promoters said that Dell stopped selling netbooks in the second half of last year. "Now the average laptop is not much more expensive than the Internet, but the performance is much better. Consumers tend to buy laptops, and netbooks are not very good."

The Chongqing Evening News reporter noted that the Internet's booth is being replaced by more and more tablet computers. In the computer city, there are at least 78 brands selling tablet computers, and more merchants.

Multiple vendors exit the netbook market Netbooks were first introduced in 2007. They are designed for people who browse the web, on QQ, and occasionally look at movies for simple uses. Because the price is only two or three thousand yuan, it is almost half as cheap as a standard laptop. Once launched, it is popular among those who travel frequently, are simple in use, and are easy to carry around. It attracted ASUS, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Acer and Lenovo and other vendors to join in the battle. For a time, various netbook advertisements were overwhelming, and an epidemic of chasing netbooks spread across the globe. In 2008 and 2009, the hottest period in the netbook market was once the market share of notebooks was as high as 20%-25%.

However, the picture is not long, and the Internet market is gradually turning cold. IDC analysis of market research organization believes that since the beginning of 2010, netbook sales have begun to decline. A related person in Chongqing’s Gome said that the entire industry of netbooks fell particularly sharply last year.

Why is the Internet version of the low-quality goods that has destroyed the market for a long time? According to sources such as Gome and Saibo, “The performance is poor and the demand is decreasing. The main reason is that the impact of smartphones and tablets is too serious.”

In addition, netbooks are also lost in the hands of the manufacturers themselves, especially the knockoffs. During the hot period of the year, many manufacturers competed to enter, many cottage mobile phone manufacturers also turned to the cottage in the online production and sales ranks. Since the basic hardware configuration of these netbooks is almost the same, even the "likeness" looks pretty much the same. Manufacturers have only the price for shopping, and the price is a few hundred yuan. After a short while, many manufacturers began to flee the netbook market.

At the same time, if the netbook is completely swept, it means that the company's profits have died out. The reason is simple. Netbooks have a lower profit margin than traditional laptops. The more they sell, the more they will squeeze the sales and profit of traditional notebooks, and the more they lose.

A senior analyst told a Chongqing Evening News reporter that the use of netbooks and tablet PCs is a popular product. Just like Chongqing's rivers and lakes, flourishing years will always decline. Netbooks do not represent the future of computers. It is inevitable that high-end computing devices will replace these computers. Nowadays, it may not be possible to escape from this fate of tablet PCs that are gaining ground.

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