Green and low carbon have become one of the main themes of technological innovation and development. LED and OLED are the future energy-saving experts in people's minds, but in the current application field, LED and OLED can not completely replace the original lighting or display products. Below we make a field of LED and OLED application and its feasibility. Simple analysis.

LED application field

We first look at the application field of LED. LED is currently mainly used in commercial lighting such as urban road lighting and landscape lighting. Organic white LEDs are particularly suitable for the development of indoor lighting , such as wallpaper lighting, flexible lighting, transparent lighting, corridor lighting (anti-airing), landscape lighting and so on.

LED advantages in landscape decoration and lighting

1. Low voltage power supply - no high voltage link, low cost and high reliability;

2, the symbol is simple without starter, ballast or ultra-high voltage transformer;

3, the structure is simple and has the greatest advantage of solid light source, no inflation, no glass casing, no gas sealing problem, impact resistance;

4, good controllability, fast response time (on the order of microseconds), can be repeated frequently and repeatedly, basically no inertia, not tired;

5, the color is pure and the color is generated by the semiconductor PN junction itself, pure and thick;

6, color rich three primary colors plus digital technology, can evolve any color,

7. Lightweight structural materials, low requirements on the strength and rigidity of the luminaire;

8. Small and small LED lamps are composed of LEDs, and the smallest LED is only on the order of square millimeters or less;

9. Good plasticity The compactness of the LED light source enables the LED to adapt to the decorative and lighting requirements of various geometric sizes and different space sizes, such as: point, line, face, ball, profiled, and even any artistic sculpture.

Although the advantages and development prospects of LED are very obvious, at present, LED technology is in a stage of rapid development, the technical level is uneven, people have limited use requirements and application knowledge of LED, making LED in the lighting and advertising industry. There are still a lot of problems in the application, which has caused many LED projects to be very beautiful at the beginning, but it will soon lead to the phenomenon of “small flowers”, which makes LEDs lack of strength in large-scale lighting and advertising applications.

Main problem

1. The actual service life has a certain difference from the theoretical value;

2, a certain degree of dead light phenomenon;

3, electrostatic damage is serious;

4. There is a certain light decay.

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