A Hong Kong company, Nokero, has introduced a solar-powered LED bulb called N100 that can replace kerosene lamps and other petrochemical materials in developing countries. It can also eliminate indoor air pollution and burn hazards and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The N100 bulb is a standard incandescent lamp and contains 4 small solar panels and a rain-proof plastic case. It has 5 LEDs and a Ni-MH replaceable battery. It can provide about 2 hours of light, weather, season, and latitude. Will affect the charging time.

Charging close to the equator can provide more lighting time, so this lamp may not replace traditional lamps in the northern high latitudes, but because it is LED material, its life is very long about 50,000-100,000 hours, the whole life cycle is about In 5-10 years, the cost is about $15, and NGOs are considered to be the most important potential buyers.


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