[PConline News] Welcome to watch PConline dwelling for a week! Recently, after interviews by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, IKEA China announced the recall of more than 1.66 million pieces of "Malm" series of cabinets. Previously, these drawer cabinets were recalled in the North American market due to the risk of child injury caused by tipping over.

However, according to Weibo, these drawers are still being sold in the Chinese market. IKEA's public relations manager responded: If the drawers are not fixed, there is a danger of dumping, but there is no problem with the drawers themselves and the goods do not need to be improved, so they will be sold. Recall only to arouse people's awareness of the danger of overturning furniture. Ah, the big Ximen murdered Wu Dalang just for the happiness of Miss Pan, which is very IKEA.

US and Huawei "passionate" Xiaomi was abandoned

On July 12, Huawei and Midea signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement." Both sides announced that they will establish a close strategic partnership in the field of smart homes. At the same time, the two sides will also conduct in-depth cooperation in areas such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

This move by the United States can be described as abandoning the previous partner Xiaomi. In this regard, the United States and Xiaomi both expressed that “because there is a tacit agreement, both parties are open”. The following song should be able to express Xiaomi's mood at this time.

Underground romance is impenetrable?歪 歪 歪 发明 发明 发明 发明 发明 发明 发明

European partner loyalty is about 60%, which is a low level in the world. As the saying goes, anti-theft and anti-theft anti-Pharaoh, recently, Spain's Durmet company developed a smart mattress called Smarttress, said to help you monitor whether the partner is derailed.

The mattress is equipped with a myriad of sensors and a wireless connection system. When it senses a vibration that meets the "rhythm" rhythm, Smarttress will send a reminder to the mobile phone APP, and you can also check the real-time speed and strength. If you don't Bed. . . Ha ha

Mobile Internet Times BBQ: Mobile Grill

There is nothing in the world that cannot be solved by a barbecue. If it does, then it will be two meals. Immediately to the Olympics, taking advantage of her sister, watching the game, drinking a little wine and eating a barbecue, how can the barbecue at the most comfortable moment? The mini mobile grill called Grill Cube BBQ is the size of a tissue box and weighs just 2.9kg, which is perfect for couples.

Grill Cube BBQ is made of monolithic aluminum and steel structure. It can be used for roasting toast and even boiled water. It is solid and practical. The price is only 95 US dollars (about 450 yuan), and it is sold in Amazon. .

You have a laser eye mask I have Iron Man gloves

This video shows a multi-functional "big-destructive" equipment made by YouTube users - Iron Man Laser Gloves. Unlike those who have nothing to do, this glove is equipped with a series of complicated organs in addition to X. After the top of the glove is unfolded, the iron piece can be projected forward, and the sight of the next can aim the laser.

The palm part can emit more powerful blue laser light. note! This laser is lethal! It is easy to burn a scar on the wood. It's estimated that lighting a piece of paper is even better. It is said that similar products can be bought online, but it is recommended that you do not play with fire.

Here is the PConline appliance channel. I am the sea and we will see you next week!

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