Semiconductor manufacturer TSMC entered the LED industry. With the completion of the LED lighting technology R&D center, the leading LED industry is becoming more active. TSMC pointed out that the LED lighting market is booming. Currently, the world's top five LED manufacturers will face reshuffle, except for the Japanese leader. With the strength of the factory and the Korean factory, only one manufacturer in Asia will have the opportunity to squeeze into the top 5, and TSMC will do its best to do it. In the future, it will strive to be among the top 5 global LED manufacturers.

Zhang Zhongmou, chairman of TSMC, refuted the low-margin view of the LED and solar industry during the groundbreaking ceremony of the LED lighting technology R&D center in March. Zhang Zhongmou stressed that TSMC has announced that it has entered a new business. Many voices indicate that many manufacturers have entered and will not have High profits, but in the future, everyone will believe that LED and solar energy are quite profitable for the two new businesses. The future will be a very important business for TSMC.

TSMC's LED lighting technology R&D center is about to be completed by the end of 2010. It is expected to enter mass production in the first half of 2011 and formally enter the new milestone of LED energy. TSMC is different from the current LED upstream industry in adopting sapphire substrate process. Emphasizing the cost advantage of mass production, producing its own brand of LED light source and light engine products, and implementing LED lighting production with vertical integration concept.

Tan Changlin, director of TSMC's LED lighting division, said that due to the rapid growth of the LED lighting market, the current global LED giants including Philips, Osram, Cree and Japan's five major forces will be reshuffled. LED application market vertical integration effect, the list of the new five major factories will be changed, it is estimated that the United States will retain one in the future, the Japanese leader will sit firmly in the LED industry, and one in Europe is expected to win, and the Korean factory will become a black horse. There is still one industry in Asia that is expected to enter the top 5, TSMC enters the LED industry and vows to do the biggest, enter the LED lighting market through vertical integration, and strive to become one of the top 5 manufacturers.

TSMC pointed out that although the industry is optimistic about the LEDTV backlight demand will grow significantly in 2011, from the manufacturing side, the global penetration rate of LEDTV in 2010 is still less than 20%. Under the obstacle of high price, the terminal market demand is facing slow sales. Unless the price of LEDTV drops sharply, the LEDTV penetration rate in 2011 will be difficult to reach the target of 40%. In the future, it is necessary to observe the European and American Christmas buying. If the sales are not good, Samsung may reduce the price of LEDTV in a big way, even in 2011. The CCFL backlight price will be pulled to approach the equivalent water level.

TSMC said that LEDTV backlight demand has brought new hope to the LED industry. The industry is actively purchasing MOCVD machines. It is estimated that in 2011, 300 MOCVD machines will be added in the mainland and nearly 100 in Taiwan, while South Korea will be more active in expanding production. At the beginning, the industry did not expect LEDTV to save LED die demand through system design improvement. Therefore, although the number of LEDTVs is increasing, the amount of die is decreasing. How will the LED TV market affect the LED lighting market? Take off early, once L = overcapacity, will further promote the rapid growth of the LED lighting market.

TSMC believes that the key to LED lighting growth is LED lighting efficiency and price reduction. According to the current expansion of LED industry, it is estimated that the fastest supply and demand will be faced in 2011~2012, and LED prices will drop rapidly. However, due to the lack of large-scale system manufacturers in Taiwan's LED industry, the expansion of Taiwan's LED upstream industry may lead to vicious competition. Due to the lack of market dominance, after the mainland has rushed to catch up with Taiwan's technology, the future may be repeating the DRAM industry.

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