As for the LED driver IC, as the application of LED illumination and LED backlight is mature and gradually popularized, the LED driver ICs of these two applications are bound to bring certain growth momentum. In addition, the industry is also very optimistic about the application of LED architectural lighting, whether it is urban lighting, the beautification of building lighting design, or the development of LED advertising signs and other applications, it is believed that this market will also grow rapidly in 2011. . As for the LED display, as it is already a very mature market, it is expected that the growth rate will be slow but stable.

In the LED display application, due to the mature technology and fierce market competition, the next challenge for display manufacturers will be how to improve the high refresh rate and high gray level of the display to improve the picture quality. The problem of aging, point-by-point correction will also become the mainstream of future displays. The LED lighting market is divided into indoor or outdoor lighting, indoor lighting such as halogen bulbs or lamps, in addition to product safety and stability, but also consider whether the cost can be accepted by the general consumer; outdoor lighting such as street lights, Stability and efficiency are the first challenges.

In addition, in addition to safety and stability, architectural lighting applications, color and grayscale changes, transmission distance limitations, and wiring simplification will be the main issues that manufacturers must overcome. In LED backlight applications, current accuracy, efficiency, and high grayscale performance affect the quality of the image, and the cost must be acceptable to consumers, and there are ways to quickly spread.

Description of Antenk's Slim D-Sub Connector

D-Sub Connector Slim is a space-saving D-sub Socket Connector with an 8.54mm depth. The slim 8.54mm depth reduces the board mounting area by 33% as compared with standard models. The Slim Profile D-Sub Connectoroffering includes D-sub sockets with nine right-angle DIP terminals and a mounting board thickness of either 1.6 mm or 1.0 mm (from difference in lock pin structure). RoHS compliant, Slim D-Sub Connector offers a 3A rated current, 300VAC rated voltage, and an insertion durability of 100 times within an operating temperature range of -25º to 105ºC.

Features of Antenk's Slim D-Sub Connector

Board mounting area is reduced by 33% (compared with standard  models) using a depth of 8.4mm

D-sub sockets with nine right-angle DIP terminals

Mounting board thickness of either 1.6mm or 1.0mm (from difference in lock pin structure)

RoHS Compliant

Applications of Antenk's Slim D-Sub Connector

Factory Automation

Machine Tools

Power SuppliesMedical Tools

Test & Measurement

LSI/FPD Manufacturing Systems

Information Transmission Tools

Security Tools

Industrial Tools

Slim Profile D-Sub Connector

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