Philips Lumi led s announced on the 15th that it has led the industry in the production of LED chips with 6吋 (150 mm) wafers, and can produce millions of gallium nitride LEDs per week on larger substrates. Lumileds said LED production on 6-inch wafers is four times that of existing 3-inch wafers.

Matthijs Glastra, executive vice president of global operations at Lumileds, pointed out that the rapid adoption of LEDs will force competitors to follow up with similar strategies. Glastra said that Lumileds has reached a very high yield, which is hard to match. Glastra said that the launch of the 6-inch capacity will enable Lumileds to produce billions of LUXEON LEDs per year.

Lumileds Organic Metal Chemical Vapor Deposition System (MOCVD) equipment supplier Veeco Instruments Inc. said on October 25 that this quarter (October-December) revenue is expected to hit a record high, estimated to be between 2.85-3.20 Between billions of dollars (the median is $302.5 million).

Samsung Naked-eye 3D Screen is a magic phone case, you can use it to watch 3D movies and 3D games everywhere you go!

When you cover it on smartphone screen, you can enjoy 3D videos and games without wearing 3D glasses or VR headset. Mplayer3D App should be used together with the Snap3D, to search for 3D videos, 3D images, 3D games from Youtube, or search within the resources which are connected to Maplayer3D. This unique technology is the lenticular lens on phone case, and the Maplayer3D App keeps tracking user's viewing position, to ensure screen stabilization. Iphone Snap3D is a easy-to-use 3D device, to let you enjoy premium quality of 3D contents whenever and whereever you like. It's light weight, easy to carry as well. When you don't use it to watch 3D contents, you can just put it at the back of smartphones, use it as a protective phone case. 

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