From June 9th to 12th, 2014, Jingrui Optoelectronics brought the high-power LED ceramic packaging products to the world's largest Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition.

At this exhibition, Jingrui Optoelectronics exhibited three series of products, high-power LED package series, flash series and high-voltage series. Using the world's leading high-power LED ceramic (eutectic) packaging technology, Jingrui optoelectronic packaging products have the characteristics of "one big, three low, four high" compared with general ceramic packaging products, that is, high current resistance; low light decay , low thermal resistance, low voltage; high luminous efficiency, high heat dissipation, high reliability and high cost performance. Superior product performance, cost-effective, suitable for high-end lighting such as street lights, tunnel lights, car headlights, mobile flashlights.

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Jingrui Optoelectronics focuses on innovation and breakthroughs in core technologies, and is market-oriented, transforming leading packaging technologies into customer competitive advantages. In just over a year, Jingrui Optoelectronics has developed into a leading LED ceramic packaging company at home and abroad, and established a strategic partnership with Taiwan Jingyuan Optoelectronics. The quality of the company's packaging products is excellent, and it is favored by domestic and foreign customers.

French Soitec Group JP Debray visited Jingrui Optoelectronics booth guidance work

As the leader in China's high-end packaging technology, Jingrui Optoelectronics will continue to provide quality products and services to customers. At the same time, we will participate in the global LED lighting industry competition with an open attitude, and strive to become a global LED packaging company.

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