China Mobile Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) is an independent intellectual property mobile multimedia broadcasting standard promulgated by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television as an industry standard. Spreadtrum Communications Co., Ltd. launched the industry's first CMMB standard mobile TV single-chip solution SC6600V in May 2008. The SC6600V not only has a flexible system solution, but also based on Spreadtrum's mobile phone baseband chips and mobile multimedia chips, it can develop product solutions that support China's independent intellectual property standards.

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High performance, low power mobile TV chip

At present, the chip products supporting the CMMB standard are mostly channel demodulation chips, and the source decoding decoder chip must be externally configured to complete the source decoding, so that the mobile TV function can be truly realized. The SC6600V is the industry's first high-performance, low-power chip that integrates CMMB demodulation and H.264 source decoding. Its integration is directly attributable to power consumption and cost reduction, rich peripheral interfaces and flexibility. The feature selection adds value to the chip and expands its application area.

The C6600V is functionally divided into a high-performance microprocessor, a CMMB demodulator, an AV decoder, a power management unit, and a rich set of general peripheral interfaces (including external memory controllers and display controllers, etc.). ), each functional module has a modular design, modular design makes the entire chip with very good reliability and flexibility. The main features of this chip are as follows:

Rich peripheral interface: The input signal support of SC6600V is the intermediate frequency signal received from Tuner, or it can be the MFS stream after demodulation through CMMB channel. Therefore, in addition to supporting the IF input signal, the SC6600V can also support the mainstream CMMB demodulator and provide a flexible input interface. In terms of video output, the decoded video YUV standard output is supported and can be directly output to the LCD display for display. It also supports bypass video decoders and directly outputs MFS streams. These two options can vary depending on the application. The audio output supports the I2S interface. In addition, there are a wealth of peripheral interfaces that facilitate the expansion of product applications.

Flexible channel demodulation: The channel demodulation module fully supports the CMMB standard signal transmission and multiplexing specifications, and demodulates the IF signal into MFS stream output to other modules. In the standard frequency range, the functional modules of the physical layer of the broadcast channel of the mobile multimedia broadcasting system are realized, and the frame structure, channel coding, modulation technology and transmission indication information of the physical layer transmission signal of the mobile multimedia broadcast channel are completed. A variety of channel coding and modulation modes can be implemented to meet different signal quality requirements of different services and different transmission environments.

Multi-standard source decoding: The source decoding module supports H.264 video decoding standards and a variety of popular audio decoding standards (such as MPEG1 audio layer 1/2, MP3, AAC LC and AAC + (LP), etc.), the highest sampling rate It can reach 48kHz, and the decoding rate can reach up to 320Kbps, and it supports two channels at the same time. And support for new standards can be achieved by updating the firmware.

Full-featured video post-processing: Display images can support WQVGA, QVGA, CIF, QCIF, etc., and can be used to scale the decoded video to adapt to different display screens, thus supporting the chip-to-end product display screen size from the hardware. Adaptive, extending the range of product applications. Supports three layers of logic layers (background layer, image layer, and video layer). Corresponding technical means have been adopted for image jitter and color correction.

Stable power management: The chip itself integrates a power management unit to support power management functions such as standby and power-on. In addition, this unit can not only support on-chip power supply, but also power off-chip chips, so that in some applications In this case, the system power consumption can be greatly reduced. The chip core voltage is 1.8V, and the I/O interface voltage is 1.8~3.3V. The high-performance main control CPU module is mainly responsible for the operation of the application software and the internal interrupt processing function of the chip, and provides a complete debugging interface, such as the JTAG interface, in the debugging of the chip.

Software platform is stable and perfect

In order to shorten the design time of customers and enhance their product development capabilities, SC6600V provides a comprehensive interface of drivers and application software to provide fast and effective customer software design. At the same time, the general interface and optimization space for product differentiation design are considered. Provides a flexible platform foundation for the expansion of upper-level business functions and software optimization.

The underlying software is flexible and stable: The firmware development takes into account the scalability of the product, such as audio decoding can be updated to support the new standard, and the transport layer can be replaced by updating the firmware or adding conditional access (CA). Modules, etc. The module driver is well developed, from peripheral interface to channel demodulation, from video decoding to audio decoding, from graphics processing to various signal output modules, all have stable and complete drivers, which will be provided to the user as a chip software library. However, because the underlying software development and customer differentiated design are transparent, the underlying software is not user-developable.

Application software extension performance: The application software based on real-time operating system adopts the combination of standardization and modularization, so that new business applications can be extended on different system platforms according to the standard interface of Spreadtrum. The middleware including ESG and Play/Record Engine can be updated and re-expanded. For different application terminals such as mobile TV, PMP and USB TV sticks, the SC6600V software platform has been designed and scientifically designed. Bring customers' products to market quickly.

Product differentiation design space: Although the current similar products have not been flooding the market, Spreadtrum has already considered product differentiation in the software design of SC6600V. Different users can provide differentiated application platforms, flexible GUI design, and support for different CAs. The SC6600V product will provide a complete set of SDKs for customers, from the underlying driver/firmware to the adaptation layer software/API, to the middleware and application software for different end products.

Strong application flexibility

The SC6600V can support two system platform integration methods: one is a handheld TV terminal system with external main control equipment, such as the GSM/GPRS chip series of Spreadtrum and the mobile TV platform of TD-SCDMA baseband chip series. These external master chips are designed to communicate with the SC6600V. The external processor only performs a small amount of control and processing response to the SC6600V. This design will ensure flexible integration with various RF front-end and back-end application processors.

The other is a stand-alone handheld TV terminal system that does not require an external master device. The SC6600V supports a stand-alone single-chip system platform (no external processor required). As a single-chip system platform, it is mainly used in portable mobile multimedia terminals such as PMP and TV sticks, etc. At this time, the SC6600V mainly starts up from an external E2PROM or T-Flash card. From the scope of the SC6600V application system, it is mainly used in mobile devices, personal media players and other portable electronic design products.

Mobile TV solution

The SC6600V can be paired with Spreadtrum's several baseband chip series into a chipset to design a 2G/3G mobile TV terminal. This enables CMMB+GSM and CMMB+TD-SCDMA solutions.

PMP and USB TV stick solutions

For portable terminal products such as PMP and USB TV sticks, the SC6600V demonstrates the advantages of a single chip. It can be easily implemented with only a few peripheral devices such as tuner and memory.


PMP and USB TV stick solutions

Summary of this article

At present, mobile TV functions can only be implemented on expensive smartphones, and the SC6600V single-chip solution allows handset manufacturers and operators to push mobile TV services to the mainstream feature phone market and keep costs within reasonable limits. Inside. With the successful development of the SC6600V chip, Spreadtrum will provide the industry with a full range of mobile TV terminal solutions to promote mobile TV into the mass market, thus meeting the commercial needs of mobile TV services.

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