On May 30th, Nanjing Dihao Organic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. announced that it has successfully produced an internal light extraction white light IES-OLED lighting device with a luminous efficacy of 73lm/w. The technical index has set a new world record, making it the world's few master internal light extraction. Technology company.

In addition, the company has also developed an EES-OLED white light illumination device with an energy efficiency of 54 lm/w. The color coordinates and color rendering index are in line with the US Energy Star standard. At the same time, the company also signed a contract with South Korea's SUNNIC Company for the production of key equipment for the production line with an annual output of 20,000 square meters. It is expected to achieve mass production in the first half of next year. The first batch of products will be displayed at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

Silicone Tube Neon LED Strip is  the hottest product in the world.put the led strip inside  milky Silicone tube.

With  good waterproof performance. The milky white cover makes the led strips soft and even,

single color and RGB ,colorful and other colors are optional. An external external controller can achieve the effect.

 IP68 waterproof can be used for outdoor decoration, often used for building decoration, Christmas decoration and other places.

The installation is simple and convenient,  the repair is simple, and the scope of application is wide.

Silicone Tube Neon Led Strip

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