Recently, the European Commission has issued new regulations for energy labels for electric lights and lamps, which will take effect on September 1, 2013, which means that the export of electric light sources and lamps in Fujian will be restricted.

It is understood that the new regulations stipulate the energy labeling requirements for four types of electric lamps, such as tungsten filament lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps and LED lamps. The label should have the supplier's name or trademark, the supplier's model identifier, energy efficiency rating, and thousands of hours of weighted energy consumption. Compared with the old household lamp energy signing instructions, the new regulations are different in terms of product range and label content, and the energy efficiency rating of the light source has been re-divided, reflecting the EU's higher requirements for light source energy efficiency. The introduction of new regulations is intended to enable users to make informed choices when purchasing electric lights and fixtures, thereby driving the market toward more environmentally friendly appliances.

The EU is the main export area of ​​electric light sources and lamps in Fujian Province. From January to May 2012, 1,132 batches were exported, which was US$28.078 million, up 0.8% and 6.71% year-on-year. The introduction of new regulations will inevitably affect the production enterprises of electric light sources and lamps in Fujian Province. Therefore, the Fujian Inspection and Quarantine Department recommends that relevant enterprises should respond to the following three aspects as soon as possible:

First, pay close attention to the dynamics of the regulations and the relevant information notified by the European Commission, and make countermeasures in advance, especially to specify the specific requirements of their product labels, so as to cope with the implementation of the regulations; second, timely adjust the product structure and strengthen the energy efficiency design of the products. In order to improve the energy efficiency of the light source in order to meet the increasingly stringent energy efficiency requirements of the EU; the third is to do a good job in the strategic planning of the export market of enterprises, and the requirements for energy efficiency of products in developed countries and developing countries in Europe and America are different. Features, the corresponding products are placed in different markets, thereby improving the ability to withstand market risks.

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