The emergence of LED lighting has changed the way lighting is used. The addition of intelligent control and color grading to LED luminaires opens up new opportunities for designers. LEDs have high efficiency, dimming capability and long life, which make color-changing lamps more efficient, more cost-effective and easier to obtain. The Digital Signal Controller (DSC) drives a variety of innovative applications that enable more efficient LED driving , more precise color control, and better communication with the outside world. The combination of these advantages gives designers greater freedom to develop highly differentiated LED lighting fixtures.

Low-power indicator LEDs are essential for many products, and most engineers are familiar with their simple design. The LED current can be maintained at a level of less than 5 milliamps with a single voltage source and a series resistor with the correct value. LEDs can be flashed through a general purpose input and output (GPIO) pin connected to the microcontroller; however, a forward current of more than 350 mA is connected in series to form a high-brightness, high-current LED, which is designed It has become quite complicated. Designers face the challenge of current control in addition to temperature changes and the high temperature of the LED itself.

Design differentiation: Detailed introduction of intelligent control in LED lamps

Figure 1: Dimming using pulse current, color change is not easy to detect.

Design differentiation: Detailed introduction of intelligent control in LED lamps

Figure 2: Buck technology for driving a single LED or LED string.

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