LED lighting demand continues to heat up, LED upstream chip leader plant Jingdian has won the big LED lighting in the United States, the proportion of LED lighting products in the third quarter will exceed 30%, and grows compared with the second quarter.

Jingdian said that TV backlight demand is very weak, which will impact the overall revenue performance in the third quarter. If the mainland energy conservation subsidy policy fails to be released in real time, the performance in September will not see significant growth, and the overall revenue in the third quarter will be lower than that. Season 2.

However, LED lighting products orders are more clear, Jingdian said, LED lighting orders do have good news, the original US four-yuan products old customers added lighting orders, is expected to start shipping in September, the amount is not bad, will promote In the third quarter, LED lighting revenue continued to grow upwards. The revenue share is expected to further exceed the proportion of 30%, which is higher than the 20% of TV backlight.

Jingdian said that the third season seems to include LED lighting, traditional quaternary, small and medium-sized backlights, etc., will see growth, only the TV backlight demand has higher uncertainty, it can be said that everything is ready, only owe Dongfeng. The next 11 holiday sales and energy-saving policies were launched, which became the key factor in the fourth quarter.

Although the mainland may have a second wave of energy-saving subsidies, the time and the content of the plan have not yet been determined, and the market is buying gas and turning to wait and see. TV chip suppliers point out that the information currently available is the fastest. Opportunity will be announced in October.

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