Does the launch of Samsung's 55-inch OLED TV mean that the era of LCD LCD panels is about to pass? With the rumors about the OLED market, whether the industry will replace TFT-LCD technology after mass production of AMOLED products, there is concern about the future prospects of LCD.

Wang Dongsheng, chairman of the LCD branch of China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association and chairman of BOE, said that OLED panels will be mass-produced next year. "The new AMOLED technology is an extension of TFT-LCD technology, and a variety of semiconductor technologies will coexist for a long time."

It is reported that there are 21 TFT-LCD production lines built and under construction in China, including 4 4.5 generation lines, 4 5 generation lines, 2 5.5 generation lines, 3 6 generation lines and 8 lines 8.5 lines. It will reach 200 billion yuan and the annual production capacity will reach 50 million square meters. The direct or indirect annual output value will reach hundreds of billions of yuan. At the same time, it also greatly stimulates the upstream demand of the industrial chain, and drives the development of upstream industries such as substrate glass, liquid crystal materials, polarizers, color filters, optical films, touch screens, backlights and other related raw materials, components and related equipment.

Wang Dongsheng pointed out that semiconductor display is a general term for display technology that independently controls each of the smallest display units through semiconductor devices. The materials, equipment, devices and related terminal industry chains related to semiconductor display technology and products can be collectively referred to as the semiconductor display industry.

The new display technologies such as TFT-LCD, AMOLED and flexible display are based on semiconductor technology, and future development will be closely related to advances in semiconductor technology and related material processes. Wang Dongsheng also said that a variety of semiconductor display technologies will coexist for a long time, promote each other, and each application has its own focus, and the market has its own needs.

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