How to clean the crystal lamp

Many people like to decorate their own room with a crystal lamp in their living room, but the crystal lamp is installed, but because it is high, it is not easy to clean, and because it is a white crystal, it falls. Dust is also very beautiful! So clearing the crystal lamp is one of the problems for many people!

Xiao Bian today recommended several ways for you to teach you clever cleaning crystal lamp!

1. Kerosene

First, carefully remove each one of the wafers, immerse them in a vessel containing kerosene, and gently wipe the surface of the crystal with a softer tool such as a toothbrush until the stain on the surface of the wafer begins to scatter, and then use soapy water. Or detergent wash crystal lamp. Finally, rinse with water.

2.Spray special cleaning agent

Nowadays, there are already many professional crystal lamp cleaners on the market. There is no need to clean the crystal balls one by one, as long as the corresponding cleaners are sprayed on the crystal lamps, some fine dust will be volatilized with the cleaning agent. Take away to achieve the role of clean lighting.

3. Rag

When cleaning crystal luminaires, it is necessary to do different treatments according to the different qualities of crystal lighting. Some crystal lamps do not need to be cleaned with water. Simply wipe the dust on the surface of the lamp body with a rag.

Tell everyone how to clean the crystal lamp, but there are still some details of the cleaning, safety is still in the first place.

1. When cleaning the crystal fixture, do not rotate the lamp body to avoid loosening of the teeth.

2. When you remove the chip, turn off the power first, then place a sponge cushion just below the crystal lamp to prevent the ladder from scratching the floor and keeping the falling crystal ball from being damaged.

3. It is recommended that every time you clean the crystal lamp, replace the butterfly buckle, pin and other small five pieces on the crystal ball, so as to avoid the risk of causing the crystal ball to fall off after the disassembly.

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