Gao Tuoxinda boosts Hangzhou terrestrial TV

The terrestrial national standard TV network in Hangzhou is composed of a single-frequency network and a point-fixer. The terminal products being promoted include household set-top boxes, car set-top boxes, and USB TV sticks. In the tendered on-board set-top box project, the two companies that won the bid are all using Qualcomm demodulation chips without exception.

As we all know, in terrestrial television, multipath interference is currently the most serious problem, especially in the environment of single-frequency network and with a point supplement. After rigorous testing, Gatortron Schindler's terrestrial national standard demodulation chip finally stood out. Whether fixed or mobile reception, terminal products using Gatortron Schindler chips showed unparalleled reception performance. Manager Liu of the Hangzhou operator commented, "The demodulation chip of Goto Xunda has a very clear performance advantage in our field test."

After the successful operation of cable digital TV, wireless metropolitan area network, and urban broadband network in Hangzhou, with the help of high-performance chips from Goto Xunda, wireless terrestrial television will surely give this once known as "the world" by Marco Polo The paradise city of "the most beautiful and splendid city" adds another touch of beauty.

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