LCD TV bid farewell to "screen shortage"

On the day before the opening of the Hi-Tech Fair, Shenzhen Shenchao Technology Investment Co., Ltd. and TCL Group Co., Ltd. signed a relevant agreement, and the 8.5th generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) production line project was officially launched. The succession of domestic LCD screen production lines will change the status quo of "lack of cores and few screens" in China's color TV industry.

The fourth largest screen production base surfaced

The screen, which accounts for nearly 60% of the total machine cost, cannot be produced domestically. This is undoubtedly a big pain for the huge Chinese color TV industry. Li Dongsheng, chairman of the TCL Group participating in the cooperation, lamented that the Chinese color TV industry should get rid of the passive situation controlled by others, strengthen the voice of local companies in the global flat display industry, and enhance the core competitiveness of the entire Chinese color TV industry.

Yang Dongwen, vice president of Skyworth Group and president of the color TV business division, told reporters that according to his prediction, China will become the world's largest single LCD TV consumer market by 2011 at the latest next year. On the other hand, the Chinese market has unlimited potential and markets in Japan, South Korea, and other markets are becoming saturated. It is a good choice to enter the Chinese market. "After these high-generation production lines in China are put into operation, the mainland will become the fourth LCD screen production base in the world." Yang Dongwen said.

Solve the "screen shortage" or meet the "excess" capacity

During the interview, some people in the industry said that if the country has the conditions to do so, it may make the production capacity "surplus", resulting in a disproportionate investment and return of high-tech products. A person in the color TV industry who did not want to be named worried that the lesson of CRT TV color tube production in the LCD panel production cycle.

However, there are also different opinions. Some insiders said that the production lines of different generations have different cutting sizes. "Although there are many production lines launched, everyone has a difference in suitable products and will not form a pile." On the other hand, domestic demand is already high.

LCD TV price cuts are expected

The industry believes that after localization, the manufacturing and transportation costs of the screen will be reduced. As a complete machine manufacturer, you can increase the controllable cost from about 30% to more than 90%, and the profit control ability is stronger. "In this way, the profit margin of the whole machine is greater, and price reduction becomes inevitable.

"Product substitution is accelerated, and there will inevitably be fierce competition among various manufacturers, and consumers will enjoy more discounts." Konka Research Institute said.

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