Qualcomm Gobi2000 technology will provide 3G connectivity for Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks

Qualcomm and Lenovo Group recently announced that Lenovo will use Qualcomm ’s latest Gobi2000 ™ technology to implement global 3G connectivity in the ThinkPad notebook X, T and W series that will be launched in early 2010. Notebook computers equipped with Gobi technology make use of the EV-DO and HSPA wireless networks that cover the whole world, so that business users can enjoy a wide range of wireless broadband connections, whether at home or abroad.

"The Gobi mobile Internet connection solution provides our business computer users with the convenience of connecting to global mobile broadband through a simple built-in terminal," said Sam Dusi, Lenovo's vice president of global ThinkPad product marketing. "This flexible multi-mode solution not only enables frequent travellers to seamlessly connect with the new broadband network when changing locations, but also simplifies the work of IT managers and supports all parts of the world with one laptop User."

"We are very happy that Lenovo will adopt Gobi technology in the popular ThinkPad notebook computer." Said Barry Matsumori, vice president of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technology Group. "The built-in wireless connection is increasingly recognized for its inherent benefits for users and businesses. Gobi can bring unparalleled flexibility to people who travel frequently and need to stay connected at all times."

If enterprises adopt ThinkPad notebook computers with built-in Gobi technology, they can standardize on a single hardware platform worldwide. All regions can flexibly choose 3G connections and operators according to their network coverage and tariff plans in their areas. If an employee changes the work area or is outside the coverage of the local network, Gobi technology supports switching between operators without replacing data cards and / or repurchasing new laptops, thereby reducing the cost of deploying 3G. Gobi technology also includes an integrated GPS receiver that enables location-based services such as asset tracking, real-time data protection, geo-fencing, and navigation.

Qualcomm ’s built-in Gobi solution provides global 3G technology and integrated GPS support for laptops and netbooks.

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