Infineon Technologies AG launched the 800V CoolMOS P7 series. Based on super-junction technology, the 800V MOSFET combines outstanding performance with excellent ease of use. This new family of products is ideal for low-power SMPS applications and is fully responsive to market needs such as performance, ease of design and price/performance. It focuses primarily on flyback topologies, which are common in applications such as adapters, LED lighting, audio, industrial and auxiliary power supplies.

Figure: 800V CoolMOS P7 Series

The 800V CoolMOS P7 Series increases efficiency by up to 0.6%. This is equivalent to reducing the MOSFET temperature by 2 to 8 °C compared to the CoolMOS C3, or other competitor products tested in a typical flyback application. This new benchmark comes from a series of optimized device parameters, including a 50% reduction in Eoss and Qg, and a reduction in Ciss and Coss. These outstanding performance optimizations reduce switching losses and improve the minimum RDS(on) value that DPAK packages can achieve, resulting in higher power density designs. All in all, this helps customers save on material costs and assembly work.

Ease of use is an inherent feature of the product family that is designed to be implemented. Its integrated Zener diodes dramatically increase the ESD protection, reducing the yield loss associated with electrostatic discharge. This MOSFET has an industry leading V(GS)th of up to 3V and a minimum VGS(th) fluctuation range of only ±0.5V. This combination not only reduces drive voltage and switching losses, it also helps to avoid accidental operation in the linear region.

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