In recent days, Amazon Bezos has announced its latest space exploration strategy. In addition to providing space tourism, its blue origin company will also develop more powerful rockets for commercial satellite launches and the delivery of humans to more distant space.

Bezos mentioned that Blue Origins is developing a reusable, vertically-falling rocket thruster and plans to launch it for the first time by 2020. The new rocket was named New Glenn. The name was used to commemorate former United States astronaut John Glenn (the first American in the world to circle the Earth). Compared to the New Shepard rocket currently existing in blue origin, this three-stage rocket can fly farther and carry a greater load. New Shepard's design goal is to fly to the edge of the earth and space, only to let visitors experience a few minutes of weightlessness.

Up to now, the New Shepard rocket of blue origin has recovered 4 times successfully. Made preparations for the launch of the New Glenn Rocket.

Last year, Bezos and Musk had publicly debated on Twitter, and whoever achieved greater success on the Rockets. Recently, Bezos released his status on Twitter, comparing two different levels of New Glenn rockets with SpaceX's Falcon 9 and focusing on the fact that the blue-origin rockets are all ahead of Falcon 9.

But just by arguing and sorting pictures does not prove anything. The reality is that Musk's actions are more daring, and SpaceX has already launched larger, more loaded rockets. The Blue Origin has so far only focused on small rockets that can fly into suborbital space.

Space Lands Network chairman Joe Landon said:

Due to its own technical limitations, the origin of blue may take a year or more to send agricultural satellites and meteorological satellites into low earth orbit. However, the company has already set its own goals in the market.

So this situation makes some people think that SpaceX's rocket is even better. In response to this problem, Bezos refuted on the ground that "slow is stable and steady is fast." It is intended to show that thinking deeply and proceeding steadily can go further.

While the outside world did not seem to be seeing Bezos’s point of view, SpaceX’s rocket accidentally exploded earlier this month. At the time when the incident did not stop, Bezos announced high-profile strategic product New Glenn, undoubtedly a blow to SpaceX.

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There are many kinds of USF used in closed pipeline according to the measuring principle, and the most commonly used are propagation time method and Doppler method. Among them, time difference ultrasonic flowmeter is used to measure fluid flow by the principle that the time difference of sound wave propagating downstream and countercurrent is proportional to the velocity of fluid flow. It is widely used in raw water measurement of rivers, rivers and reservoirs, process flow detection of petrochemical products, water consumption measurement of production process and other fields. According to practical application, time-difference ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into portable time-difference ultrasonic flowmeter, fixed time-difference ultrasonic flowmeter and time-difference gas ultrasonic flowmeter.

Ultrasonic flow-meters use at least two transducers aligned so that ultrasonic pulses travel across the flow of liquid or gas in a pipe at a known angle to the flow.

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