I have always had a good impression on Yijia. Even if I have not used a single product, I was under the impression that the brand is very "clean." Media users have very few negative comments. They all seem to say that this is a hard-made product. The company’s product philosophy of “Don't be right” really touched me, just like Nokia’s phrase “Not Followed”. With this idea, I finally experienced my first product.

Before the next detailed article, let's take a look at the hardware configuration of the OnePlus 3:

Model: Oneplus A3000

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, highest frequency 2.2GHz

Screen: 5.5 inch 1080P resolution Optic AMOLED


ROM: 64GB UFS 2.0

Front camera: 8 million pixels, f2.0

Rear camera: 16 million pixels, f2.0, Sony IMX298 CMOS (Optical Image Stabilizer + Electronic Image Stabilizer)

Battery: 3000mAh lithium ion polymer

Network standard: dual SIM dual standby, full Netcom, 4G+ (nano SIM)

System: Hydrogen OS 1.4 (based on Android 6.0 system)

Features: Type-C interface, DASH charging, all-metal fuselage, three-stage silent switch

Out of the box

The one-plus-three box is simple, and the shallow 3 indicates its identity.

To open the box is the phone, manual, card pin, and data cable charger.

It is worth mentioning that the data line with one plus three is only the USB Type-C at the end, which is much more convenient than the data cable with Type-C at both ends. One plus three data lines are relatively thick. Hard, it looks full of materials.


One plus three frontal 2.5D glass, pure black panel, only the front camera and the Home key is more obvious, one good. The Home button is a non-compressible fingerprint reader that uses a ceramic cover plate. Because of its high dielectric constant, it can effectively increase the speed and accuracy of fingerprint recognition. You can also feel the difference in the feel of the fingerprint when you unlock it. Smoother on the screen. But this also causes it to have a color difference with the screen at a certain angle. Obsessive-compulsive disorder may not be tolerable, but I think it is worth it! On both sides are the return and multi-tasking keys, which will light a small white point when clicked.

The back is a three-piece metal body that we are familiar with. The sandblasting is very delicate! It is comparable to the iPhone 6 comparison. The black signal belt uses nano-injection technology, which is well connected with the metal, and the hand feels no sense of splitting.

I have to say that this huge raised camera is too noticeable on the back, but it is also understandable that after all, the body is 7.35 mm and the thinnest point is only 4.9mm. The camera's photo effect is also satisfying to me. I think it's worth the sacrifice of the back part of the beautiful appearance, in exchange for a thin body and a strong photo ability.

The left side of the fuselage is a three-stage switch and volume keys, the right is the power button and the card slot, the volume key and the power button are separate I agree with both hands, seen too many mobile phones put the power button and volume button, maybe Different textures are used to distinguish one from the other, but no matter how different it is, there is the possibility of misunderstanding. The three-stage switch is also a one-plus-one-plus-two upload. This design is also very popular, and it can be switched from bell, do not disturb, and mute in three modes. Anyway, after I used this, I felt a little lost.

At the bottom are the headphone jack, the mic handset, the Type-C interface, and the speaker, so the top is a blank. It is worth mentioning that the ones that are included in the openings include a small polished corner, so it is not Will cut their hands.

Thanks to the back of the arc, the higher the proportion of screen and light body, a plus 3 feel is also good, I can say with certainty that this is better than my iPhone6 ​​plus feel. After all, one plus three is smaller than the same size iPhone6plus.

If I had one word to describe the appearance of a plus 3, that is "engaging", although its design we are already very familiar with, but a design of each element, are placed on the right as 3 plus each The details are all perfect, so I don't think that one plus three will be on this one !


After we talk about the appearance, let's talk about the hardware again. This is definitely a place worth adding 3 books. 820+6GB+64GB is definitely the top configuration this year. One plus three security Bunny is currently ranked first. The most intuitive experience of such a strong configuration is that I don't know what Carton is. I no longer actively shut down the background application. When I open an application that was run long ago, I'll be surprised to find out how it is. In operation.

One plus three screens are 1080p OLED screens. For those of us who are accustomed to the 2K screens, I still feel that they are not close enough to look at. In addition to the other aspects, they all perform well, with bright colors, large viewing angles, and high enough brightness. In the case of direct sunlight, the contents of the screen can also be clearly seen. Moreover, the system supports adjusting the color temperature and SRGB mode. In the SRGB mode, the color difference is very small, and there is no such situation of color cast. Therefore, there is no worry that it cannot be used to modify the picture.

One plus 3 fingerprint recognition is really fast! quasi! Basically, it has already reached the home screen just after it has been encountered. You do not seem to feel the process of its recognition. We also support WeChat and Alipay payments. I think this should be the best experience.


If I were to justify some choices plus one, then H2OS is definitely one of them. Do not like the bloated MIUI, Flyme's small fresh, H2OS simplicity has won my heart, it uses Material Design, but it is a lot more lively, the entire system is highly design sense, the entire process has a very high visual Experience, say it is good-looking, but not the same as good-looking! And hydrogen window is particularly good for wallpaper selection!

H2OS has been iterated to the 1.4 version, and gradually enriched in functions. There are many useful functions in the system, such as card coupons, steps, notes, and calendar cards in the hydrogen window, and there is a basic management center. There are many features in the application, such as the weather, calendar, can see the designer's intentions.

The stability of the system has also made great progress. There has been no flashback collapse in the seven days of use.

But it is a pity that the one-plus cloud service has not been released yet, but I think it should be on the way.

There are many interesting little features in the Smart Assist in Settings, and they are all practical. Waving a bright screen reminds me of moto, but there is no sensitive moto measurement, and it is necessary to wave close to the screen to have an effect, but the success rate is not bad.

DASH Flash & Life

At the press conference, it also stressed its DASH flash charging, using the oppo technology. The experience was very good. The charge was 65% for half an hour. I thought the phrase "charged for five minutes, call for two hours" in the oppo The same applies to 3, but what's more, it's not so obvious how fast the charging speed is. It really puzzles me because heat should not be determined by power. Qualcomm's fast charge is similar to Dash flash power. My moto turbo didn't dare to play fast charging, and the fever was more severe, but one plus three could do it all while playing, and the charging speed did not drop. I just wanted to say black technology. Attach my measured shutdown charging speed table.

One plus three 3,000 mAh battery, no problem with my own close to heavy use. During the six hours of bright screen, I took one or two hundred photos, brushed the space, swept the digital tail, watched the video, and played for nearly an hour. The big ball game, this game is notoriously power big! This is still a good result, one plus power consumption in the standby mode is very small, eight hours a night, do not open the flight mode, do not clean up the background (Weibo, WeChat, QQ are open) only 3% of the electricity off!


One plus three uses the mainstream imx298 sensor, 1600w pixels, f 2.0 aperture, with optical image stabilization and electronic defense, this seems to be the most mainstream configuration this year, but it is still not known whether or not the optimization is in place. Let us speak with proofs!

In terms of color, I contrasted with the recognized iPhone. Since there is no iPhone 6s on my hands, I can only use iPhone 6 for comparison. Both use automatic mode without any adjustment, automatic HDR mode. I don’t say which side is the best one. You judge it yourself.

On the left and above is the iPhone 6, we can see that one plus three is warmer than the iPhone 6, and the saturation is even higher.

Resolving power is not comparable with the iPhone 6, after all, it can't bully people's pixels by only one and a half. Since there is no representative mobile phone on hand, no comparison is made anymore, put some proofs taken in the past few days, and then talk about shooting experience.

Let's first enlarge the front (zi) home (pai) of the family.

One plus three front 800w pixels, f2.0 large aperture, the parameters are good. Thanks to my sister's friendship, one plus three self-timer does not have a beauty function, but she said that one plus three self-timer color is very comfortable, and when the experience is relatively dark, one plus three can still shoot very clearly! See the first piece of the iso parameter has been pulled to 2000, but the details are retained very well. So I think the hardware of one plus three front camera is very good, the self-beating tail can be used with some beauty software on the market will have better results!

A one-plus-three camera experience can be described in a hearty manner. The camera is turned on very quickly. It should be placed in the resident memory. The focus is fast and there is no photopatch in the camera. No matter whether the HDR mode or the HQ mode is turned on. Will affect the camera speed, with double-click the power button to turn on the camera is simply capture artifacts, not to mention the photo quality, photo experience alone is a lot of extra points!

The one plus three photos gave me a deep impression that the latitude is relatively high, and the details of the shadows are well preserved. It is estimated that one plus official also knows this, so the trigger threshold of the automatic HDR mode is relatively high and some light is encountered. In relatively large situations, HDR is still not turned on (iPhone6 ​​is turned on in the same situation). When you look at the photos, the dark part can still see the details, but I need the dark part to be brighter, so when I take a picture, I often switch the HDR switch. One plus improvement.

One plus three HQ mode is absolutely black science-like existence. After reopening, the resolving power is greatly improved, noise at night is significantly reduced, and the camera experience is not affected at all. I remember that in the evaluation of zealer, HQ mode, resolving power and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge counters, it is recommended to always open this mode, but I think if one plus can turn HQ mode into automatic triggering will be better, such as Samsung S7 automatically open multi-frame synthesis in night mode, after all, one plus HQ mode is based on this principle.

One plus three In addition to the basic automatic mode, the camera comes with time delay, slow motion, manual, and panoramic modes. It is worth mentioning that panoramic mode can take full-resolution photos, and the processing speed is very fast! Since there is an optical image stabilization in one plus three, it also makes the exposure time longer and clearer. For example, my grandfather shot this picture, the light in this house is dark, but I don’t want to pull up. Iso, then set the 1s exposure in manual mode, iso 100, try to keep the hand steady, save the raw format of the picture, slightly adjusted the color, the final film made me very satisfied.

Overall, one plus three camera capabilities are very powerful, with a fun camera experience, 800w front, good imaging style, resolution and night imaging capabilities are satisfactory, and then with the manual mode and optical image stabilization, I think it is more than enough to meet the normal camera needs, photography enthusiasts can also consider it.

to sum up

I want to conquer me with its nearly perfect performance with one plus three, powerful performance, good appearance, solid workmanship, excellent camera, beautiful system, fast fingerprint recognition and Dash flash charging. I seem to have achieved all the requirements and standards for mobile phones. Lei always described red rice note3 as all his longing, I apply it, one plus 3, that is all my longing!

Having said so much, you can clearly see how much I love it. When the seven-day experience made me use my moto turbo again, there was already a clear sense of falling, so I just said it was jealous of me! If you don’t talk to you, I’m going to grab one plus three. I’m going to make him responsible to me!

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