Urban white-collar workers have a fast pace of life and work pressure. Thanks to the dazzling array of products, portable products such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers have been used to improve the office conditions of white-collar workers and enrich their spare time. An ultra-thin, power-saving, and stylish portable product always makes you love it and let your friends envy and hate. For these portable products, "small size" and "low power consumption" are the two most critical indicators. These indicators are also increasingly demanding for power chips for portable products. The Fujitsu Semiconductor Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter MB39C326 can fully meet these requirements. In particular, it can dynamically control the output voltage through the DAC signal and support APT and ET functions.

Fujitsu Semiconductor's MB39C326 buck-boost DC/DC converters can reduce the size of RF amplifiers in portable products, reduce inductor size, and reduce the size of PCB boards, thereby reducing the overall size of portable products. The MB39C326 products are switched at a frequency of 6MHz, which allows for a smaller inductor in portable products than conventional products, while reducing the PCB area of ​​the power supply circuit by half.

It is worth mentioning that Fujitsu Semiconductor's MB39C326 buck-boost DC/DC converter is a high-efficiency, low-noise synchronous buck/boost DC/DC converter for mobile devices using single-cell Li-ion batteries. Design and Development. It integrates APT (Average Power Tracking) and ET (Envelope Tracking) functions into the pre-PA stage, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the whole machine. The APT function of the MB39C326 adjusts its output according to the PA power of the portable product, changes the input power of the PA, and increases the efficiency of the PA to a fixed high level, helping the PA to save about 40% of the power consumption. The MB39C326 has a built-in PFM function. The PWM mode and PFM/PWM automatic switching mode can be selected through the mode terminal. In the PFM/PWM automatic switching mode, it works in PFM mode at light load, and automatically switches to PWM mode when the load increases. Use this feature to work efficiently in the full load area. The MB39C326 extends battery life by increasing the output voltage level.

MB39C326 power chip internal block diagram

MB39C326 power chip internal block diagram

Fujitsu Semiconductor has been committed to APT and ET-based solutions, and has a clear roadmap and strong technical support team for the promotion of power management solutions for industrial electronics and consumer electronics. Currently, there are huge R&D and technical support teams in Shanghai and Chengdu. Fujitsu Semiconductor believes that the importance of these power management technologies in smartphones will continue to increase, which will help the company to take full advantage of its comprehensive leadership in power amplifiers and RF power management, extending its reach for portable products, digital TV, games. Excellent power management chip solution for power supply voltage supply such as machine and HDD recorder.

For engineers, in addition to selecting excellent buck-boost DC/DC converters to complete "small size", "low power" portable product development and design, you also need leading power management IC online design simulation tools. Fujitsu Semiconductor's power management IC online design simulation tool Easy DesignSim can help save time in the portable power supply design process. This tool automatically simulates the action of the power supply after automatically calculating the main power parameters such as I/O voltage, load current, power and switching frequency. Engineers then only need to observe the corresponding reactions generated by the simulation in the circuit diagram when changing the operating conditions and external device parameters. After selecting a power management solution, engineers can also use EasyDesignSim to generate a bill of materials (BOM) that meets project requirements and schematics from the vendor's electronic component database, with the option to export to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF documents. Engineers and friends in the portable product power products use MB39C326 buck-boost DC/DC converter, and use Fujitsu Semiconductor's Easy DesignSim, it is really more powerful, with twice the result with half the effort.

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