Recently, American researchers have developed a new type of "spin-polarized" OLED technology. The improved OLED has more advantages than LED.

Researchers at the University of Utah in the United States point out that the new OLED uses a device called an organic spin valve. This device has a three-layer structure with an organic layer in the middle which is equivalent to a semiconductor and a ferromagnetic metal layer on both sides. The organic layer uses a polymer called "æ°˜-DOO-PPV" which emits orange light at a lower cost and improves luminous efficiency. The entire unit is extremely thin and can be mounted inside the tube.

The researchers say that this technology can only work in low temperature environments and needs to be further refined to meet the requirements of working at room temperature. In addition, it is also desirable to produce an OLED that produces white light.

Researchers believe that OLEDs are expected to replace LEDs currently used in many electronic products such as computers, televisions, and lighting equipment after effectively improving OLED luminous efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs.

 Transparent Led Display has won the favor of customers all over the world with its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, low operating cost and high business efficiency. Transparent screen in order to meet the requirements of brightness in the process of use, there are positive luminescence and side luminescence options, the brightness can reach more than 5500. The use of transparent glass screen is mainly in Curtain wall building.Store window.Technology exhibition.Commercial space.Creative Presentation and so on.


Compared with conventional display screens, transparent glass screens have the following advantages:

1.Over 70% transparent rate favorable daylight effect;

2.Slim design ,light weight;

3.Cabinet is beautiful appearance,light weight, good heat dissipation and durable;

4.The mask of transparent uses PC with good light-admitting quality, ductility and durability;

5.Fast plugs within cabinets for quick and easy installation;

6.Indoor installation and maintenance,, low heat, no ventilator, no noise;


Transparent LED Display

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