Anti-Theft Meter: Application of Isolated Sensors
Stealing electricity is the most common source of energy for an illegal "hemp house." With the continuous increase in electricity usage, 4% of losses are enough to attract the attention of utilities. In rural areas, electricity bills for these houses can easily reach 10,000 U.S. dollars per month, and stealing electricity from neighboring power lines is the easiest way to draw electricity. Neighbors and utilities don't like the "hemp house," and using smart meters may be an effective way to curb such activities. However, some people also worry that any activity involving large organizations (such as government or public utilities) is monitoring individual behavior.
Soaring energy prices have also prompted non-utility applications to adjust their power measurement efforts. Dave Heacock, senior vice president of TI's high-volume analog and logic business, said that server farms sometimes require their front-end AC/DC power suppliers to provide power measurement capabilities so that farms can charge customers based on usage: such as during peak hours Electricity will be charged at a higher rate. Heacock said: "Users will think that I have to make all my credit card transactions when the electricity prices are lower in the middle of the night."

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