Establishing a new generation of computational capacitance devices

Recently, the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Support Program project "Research on the Key Technology for Fine Structure Constant Measurement and Capacitance Benchmarking" undertaken by the China Institute of Metrology has passed the acceptance. The international new type of vertical movable shielding electrode developed by this project has been used to calculate the fine structure constants of the capacitance device and reached the international advanced level.
According to the project leader Lu Zuliang, chief researcher of the China Institute of Metrology, through the international cooperation in the research process of this project, China's research in this field will soon enter the international frontier. The vertical movable shield electrode developed by the research group calculates the capacitance device and uses a laser interferometer to measure the length in real time. Combined with the Quantum Hall resistance device that has been established in China, the fine structure constant is only second to the current best in this field. United States.

It is also understood that there are many innovative work in the research of the project: a rigorous measurement and flexible adjustment method are used to realize the symmetrical and parallel high-precision requirements of the main electrode system; the effect of compensation by the electrical compensation method is verified through experiments. The mechanical compensation method is an order of magnitude higher. A new method for automatic auxiliary balancing of capacitance bridges is proposed to eliminate the influence of manual unbalanced residual unbalanced loads and improve the measurement speed. A full equipotential screening verification method is proposed to realize the work. The high-precision calibration of the inductive voltage divider in the state; the topic for the first time in the country to achieve high-precision measurement of the four-end impedance; using a new capacitor unit replication method, the operation process is simple, convenient and fast.

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