Abstract: Introduce the power monitoring and power management system of Suzhou Wuzhong Business Center, which uses intelligent power meters and microcomputer protection devices to collect various electrical parameters and switching signals at the power distribution site. The system adopts on-site networking in the field. After networking, it communicates through the field bus and spreads to the background. The real-time power monitoring of the substation is realized by the Acrel-2000 power monitoring system and the building power is realized by the Acrel-3000 power management system. The automatic management of energy consumption provides statistical data for building energy and provides a basis for decision-making for energy saving.

Keywords: commercial building ; Suzhou Wuzhong Business Center; substation; intelligent power meter; Acrel-2000 / 3000 type; power monitoring system; power management system; building energy saving

The application of Power Monitoring and Energy Management System in large commercial buildings in Suzhou

Le chuanzheng1 Zhu Zhufeng2

1. China building scientific research institute Jiangsu 215011

2.Shanghai Acrel ltd, Shanghai 201801;

Abstract: Introducing distribution system and power management systems of Suzhou Wuzhong Commerce Center, adopting the way of system network that collecting a variety of electrical parameters and switching signals of Intelligent Power Meter and the Computer Protection Acquisition distribution distribution scene. The system using in situ networking mode and later conveying to the backstage through field bus communication, through Acrel-2000 power monitoring system of substation real-time power monitoring and Acrel-3000 energy management system to achieve automatic management of building electric energy consumption, to statistic building energy data, to offer the strategic decision basis of energy conservation.

Key words: Commercial buildings; Suzhou Wuzhong Commerce Center; Substation; Intelligent Power Meter; Acrel-2000 / 3000; Power Monitoring System; Energy Management System; building energy efficiency

0 Overview

At present, most of the multi-functional office buildings, office buildings, shopping malls and other commercial buildings in China are equipped with centralized air conditioning systems to provide users with a healthy and comfortable working environment. Such buildings account for an increasing proportion of large-scale public buildings. In China's building energy efficiency, especially in large-scale public buildings, the energy-saving of multi-functional commercial buildings should be the focus.

The Suzhou Wuzhong Business Center project is a commercial building project invested and built by Suzhou Wu Zhongyu Asset Management Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is about 130 million yuan, with a total construction area of ​​124,440 square meters, divided into two 22-storey office buildings, two Underground parking lot.

This project is the power monitoring and power management system of Suzhou Wuzhong Business Center Underground Substation. According to the requirements of power distribution system management, the high-voltage cabinets and low-voltage distribution lines in the two underground substations of Suzhou Wuzhong Business Center need to be monitored to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of electricity use.

Acrel-2000 / 3000 low-voltage intelligent power distribution system makes full use of the latest developments in modern electronic technology, computer technology, network technology and field bus technology, and carries out decentralized data collection and centralized monitoring and management of the power distribution system. Network the secondary equipment of the power distribution system, connect the field equipment of the distributed power distribution station into an organic whole through the computer and communication network , realize the remote monitoring and centralized management of the power grid operation, and the management personnel can monitor the building in real time Consumption of various kinds of energy, and discover waste in the process of energy use, so as to adopt a controllable energy consumption method, reduce energy consumption, and realize energy-saving management of buildings.
1 System structure description

This monitoring system mainly realizes the 10 / 0.4kV power distribution system of two underground substations in Wuzhong Business Center (East District Substation and West District Substation) for power consumption monitoring and energy management; the monitoring scope is that of East Substation The low-voltage incoming cabinets, liaison cabinets, feeder cabinets of T1, T2, T3, T4 transformers are connected to the low-voltage incoming cabinets, liaison cabinets, feeder cabinets, high-voltage side instruments and T5, T6, T7, and T8 transformers in the West Substation Remote real-time monitoring and power management. The system has a total of 219 instruments (including 187 ACR network intelligent power meters, 10 ABB comprehensive protection devices, 14 high-voltage switch status indicators, 8 temperature controllers), divided into 13 buses, of which the East Substation 8 buses, 5 buses in the west substation, the distance between the two substations is relatively long, using fiber optic network connection, and finally pulled to the electrician duty room through the network cable to connect to the monitoring host to achieve data communication between the instrument on the bus and the monitoring host .

This monitoring system adopts a hierarchical distributed structure, that is, station control layer, communication layer and interval layer; as shown in figure (1):

Figure (1) Network topology

The interval device layer is mainly: multi-function network power meter, switch, analog acquisition module and intelligent circuit breaker. These devices are installed in the electrical cabinet corresponding to the corresponding primary equipment. These devices all use RS485 communication interface and communicate through the on-site MODBUS bus to achieve on-site data collection.

The network communication layer is mainly: a communication server, whose main function is to centrally collect the distributed collection devices at the same time, and transmit it to the station control layer at the same time to complete the data interaction between the field layer and the station control layer.

Station control management: equipped with high-performance industrial computers, monitors, UPS power supplies, printers, alarm buzzers and other equipment. The monitoring system is installed on the computer, collects and displays the running status of the field equipment in a centralized manner, and displays it to the user in the form of human-computer interaction.

The above network instruments all use RS485 interface and MODBUS-

RTU communication protocol, RS485 uses shielded wire transmission, generally uses two connections, the wiring is simple and convenient; the communication interface is half-duplex communication, that is, both sides of the communication can receive and send data but only send or receive data at the same time. The highest data transmission rate is 10Mbps.

The RS485 interface is a combination of a balanced driver and a differential receiver. The anti-noise capability is enhanced. The bus allows up to 32 devices to be connected, with a maximum transmission distance of 1.2km.

2 Main functions of power monitoring system

2.1 Data collection and processing

Data collection is the foundation of power distribution monitoring. Data collection is mainly completed by the bottom multi-function network instrument collection to realize the local real-time display of remote data. The signals that need to be collected include: three-phase voltage U, three-phase current I, frequency Hz, power P, power factor COSφ, electrical Epi, remote device operating status and other data.

Data processing is mainly to display the electrical parameters collected according to the requirements to users in real time and accurately, to achieve the automation and intelligence requirements of power distribution monitoring, and at the same time to store the collected data into the database for user query.

2.2 Human-computer interaction

The system provides a simple, easy to use, and good user interface. Adopt full Chinese interface, CAD graphics display the main electrical wiring diagram of low-voltage power distribution system, display the status of the power distribution system equipment and corresponding real-time operating parameters, the screen regularly polling switch; real-time dynamic refresh of the screen; analog display; switch display; continuous Record display, etc.

2.3 diachronic events

The diachronic event viewing interface mainly provides users with convenient and friendly human-computer interaction for viewing fault records, signal records, operation records, and over-limit records that have occurred. Through the historical event viewing platform, you can easily locate you according to your own requirements and query conditions The historical events to be viewed provide good software support for you to grasp the operation of the entire system.

2.4 Database establishment and query

It mainly completes remote measurement and remote signal collection at regular intervals, and establishes a database, and regularly generates reports for users to query and print.

2.5 User rights management

For different levels of users, set different permission groups to prevent the loss of production and life due to human misoperation, and achieve safe and reliable operation of the distribution system. You can perform user login, user logout, password change, add and delete operations through user management, which is convenient for users to modify their accounts and permissions.

2.6 Operating load curve

The load trend curve function is mainly responsible for regularly collecting incoming line and important loop current and power load parameters, and automatically generating the operating load trend curve, which is convenient for users to timely understand the operating load status of the equipment. Click the corresponding button or menu item on the screen to complete the switching of the corresponding function; you can view the real-time trend curve or historical trend line; you can perform pan, zoom, range change and other operations on the selected curve to help users enter the trend

Trend analysis and fault recall provide intuitive and convenient software support for analyzing the operating status of the entire system.

2.7 Remote report query

The main function of the report management program is to design the report style according to the needs of the user, and to filter, combine and calculate the data processed in the system to generate the report data required by the user. This program can also use regular save, print or summon save and print modes for report files according to user needs. At the same time, this program also provides users with the management function of the generated report file.

The report has the functions of freely setting the query time to realize day, month and year energy statistics, data export and report printing.

3 Case study

The power monitoring and energy management system of Suzhou Wuzhong Business Center is divided into two substations (East District Substation and West District Substation). This project conducts power monitoring for the 10 / 0.4kV distribution system of these two substations And electrical energy management; the monitoring scope is the low-voltage incoming cabinets, liaison cabinets, feeder cabinets and high-voltage side instruments of the T1, T2, T3, T4 transformers of the East Substation, and the T5, T6, T7, T8 transformers of the West Substation The low-voltage incoming cabinet, communication cabinet, and feeder cabinet instruments carry out remote real-time monitoring and energy management.

The incoming circuit adopts ACR330ELH multi-function harmonic meter, which is a network power meter designed for the power monitoring needs of power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, and intelligent buildings. It can measure all conventional power parameters, such as: three-phase voltage, Various electrical parameters such as current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active power, reactive power, and the 2-31 harmonic components of voltage and current can be monitored. In addition, the instrument has 4 photoelectric isolation switch input contacts and 2 relay control output contacts. These contacts can cooperate with intelligent circuit breakers to achieve remote signaling and remote control operations of the circuit breakers. This series of network power meters are mainly used in substation automation, distribution network automation, community power monitoring, industrial automation, energy management systems and intelligent buildings.

The important distribution circuit uses the ACR220EL series network power meter, which mainly measures all conventional power parameters, such as: three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active power, and reactive power.

The real-time picture on the high-voltage side is shown in figure ( 2), which is the main monitoring picture of the system. It mainly monitors the running status of the high-voltage circuit in real time. Red represents closing and green represents opening. In the high-voltage system diagram, you can intuitively see the operating parameters and status of each high-voltage inlet and outlet, and you can see all the conventional power parameters on the outlet side of the transformer, such as: three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, Power factor, frequency, active power and transformer temperature.

Figure (2) Primary picture of high voltage system

The secondary diagram of low-voltage distribution is shown in figure ( 3). The function of electric power telemetry mainly monitors the electrical parameters of the operating equipment, including: line three-phase voltage, current, power, power factor, electrical energy, frequency and other electrical parameters and the distribution circuit Three-phase current; remote signal function to display the operating status of field devices, mainly including: opening and closing operation status of the switch and communication failure alarm; when the circuit breaker is changed, an alarm signal will be issued to remind the user to deal with the failure in time.

Figure (3) Secondary drawing of low voltage distribution

The remote signaling and telemetry alarm functions mainly complete the monitoring of the switch operating status and load incoming line of each low-voltage outgoing circuit, and the alarm interface is popped up to indicate the specific alarm position and sound alarm for the switch displacement and load limit, to remind the duty personnel to deal with it in time. The telemetry alarm value setting interface can see the real-time value and alarm setting value of each monitoring point, which is convenient for the duty personnel to compare the incoming line settings, and the load limit value can be set freely under the corresponding authority. With historical query function. See Figure ( 4) to Figure (6).

Figure (4) Real-time remote signaling alarm information

Figure (5) Historical telemetry alarm information query

Figure (6) Telemetry alarm value setting interface

The parameter meter reading function mainly inquires into the electrical parameters of each low-voltage outgoing circuit. Support electrical parameter query at any time, with functions such as data export and report printing. This report queries the electrical parameters of each low-voltage loop of the eight transformer outlets of the two substations , mainly including: three-phase current, active power, active power and transformer temperature. The circuit name of this report is associated with the database, which is convenient for users to modify the circuit name. See figure (7).

Figure ( 7) Parameter meter reading

Electricity consumption report function, you can select the time period to query, support the cumulative query of electricity in any time period, and have the functions of data export and report printing. Provide accurate and reliable electrical energy report for duty personnel. The circuit name of this report is associated with the database, which is convenient for users to modify the circuit name. As shown in the figure below, the precise power consumption of each distribution circuit in a certain period of time in the fitness center is displayed. The user can directly print the report and save it in another location in EXCEL format. See figure (8).

Figure (8) Energy report

Schematic diagram of the system communication structure, which mainly shows the network structure of the system. The system adopts a hierarchical distributed structure, and at the same time monitors the communication status of the equipment at the bay layer. Red indicates normal communication, and green indicates communication failure. See figure ( 9).

Figure (9) Schematic diagram of the system communication structure

In the load trend curve interface, you can intuitively view the load operation of the loop. View real-time and historical trend curves, click the corresponding buttons or menu items on the screen to complete the corresponding function switch; help users to enter the line trend analysis and fault recall, with curve printing function. It provides intuitive and convenient software support for analyzing the running status of the entire system. See figure ( 10).

Figure (10) Trend curve

4 Conclusion

With the development of society and the widespread application of electricity, the power monitoring system has become an inevitable choice for users of large-scale multi-substations such as key engineering projects, landmark buildings / large public facilities across the country. The application of the monitoring and power management system in the Wuzhong Business Center in Suzhou can realize the real-time monitoring and power management of the high- and low-voltage distribution circuit power of the substation. Serial server, computer, etc. constitute the power monitoring system. The system realizes the analysis and processing of the collected data, real-time display of the operation status of each distribution circuit in the substation, and a pop-up alarm dialog box and voice prompt for opening and closing, and load overrun, and generates various energy reports, analysis curves Graphics, etc., facilitate the remote meter reading, analysis and research of electrical energy, which not only reduces the workload of meter reading staff, but also reduces the management cost of the building, which is an important measure and an effective way to achieve power management.

The system is safe, reliable, and stable in operation, providing a true and reliable basis for substation users to solve power problems, and has achieved good social benefits. [ 2]

The system reserves an interface for the city energy consumption monitoring platform, which can be seamlessly connected to the city energy consumption monitoring platform, so that the city energy management department can monitor the energy consumption of the building.

The article comes from: "Building Energy Conservation" , Issue 9, 2012.


[1]. Ren Zhicheng Zhou Zhong. Principle and application guide of electric power measurement digital instrument [M]. Beijing. China Electric Power Press. 2007. 4

[2]. Edited by Zhou Zhongzhong. Product selection and solutions of smart grid user-side power monitoring and energy management system [M]. Beijing. Machinery Industry Press . 2011.10

About the Author:

Yu Jing, female, undergraduate, engineer of Wuhan Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd., the main research direction is intelligent power monitoring and power management system

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