Time flies, year after year, winter and spring, and then the spring blossoms, the air conditioning in the home has to go to the "on the job", it is necessary to do a "body check" for air conditioning before use, this is necessary for protection The health of the user and the increase in the life of the air conditioner are very helpful. Today, Xiaobian will take you through some of the misunderstandings you need to know before using the air conditioner.

Air conditioning does not matter for a long time?

The core of the air conditioning work is the compressor, which has lubricating oil inside. If it is not used for a long time, the lubricating oil will condense, which may cause the compressor to jam when it is used again.

Special reminder: In the season when air conditioning is not used, it is best to keep the usage amount of one month.

Do the refrigerant need to be changed once a year?

Many users feel that the air conditioner has been used for a while, and it is necessary to change the refrigerant. In fact, this view is not correct. The idea that air conditioners need to change refrigerant regularly is purely nonsense. Air conditioners, like refrigerators, are cooled by refrigerant, but since the refrigerator is a closed-type refrigeration unit, it is never necessary to add refrigerant. The air conditioning refrigeration system is semi-closed, and there is generally a leakage of refrigerant during the cooling process, so sometimes it needs to add refrigerant. However, the leakage of each air-conditioning refrigerant is different, so there is no specific time specified, and the user must be replaced. In fact, air conditioners that use four or five years without adding refrigerants abound.

To clean the air conditioner, just wash the filter?

In all household appliances, air conditioning dust pollution is the most serious, and air conditioning cleaning is also the most easily overlooked. Some users use the air conditioner for many years, never use it until it fails.

Special reminder: "Air Conditioning Maintenance Manual" stipulates that: air conditioning is generally required to be cleaned and maintained before use in summer or after use in autumn. In fact, the cleaning of air conditioners can be done by users in general.

The first is to clean the internal machine. The filter must be cleaned, and the photocatalyst inside the air conditioner needs to be exposed to the sun for ten minutes before use to maintain its function. If it has been used for a long time, the internal machine will have more dust and the evaporator will need to be cleaned. Air conditioners that work in places with large soots need to be completely removed and thoroughly cleaned.

In addition to the internal machine, the external machine must also be cleaned. If the external unit is not hung outdoors, the user can clean the condenser and heat exchange with water. (indigo)

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