GLII Comments: Undoubtedly, Samsung smartphones and other products have great influence in the domestic market, but the influence of LED lighting products has a big gap with Philips and Osram. In the face of China's LED lighting market with vast imagination, Samsung LED will undoubtedly want to share a piece of cake. At present, it seems that Samsung LED is trying to use e-commerce as a breakthrough to open the Chinese LED lighting market. Of course, e-commerce does seem to "saving time, money, and effort", and ultimately whether it is "heart-saving" is not known.

Recently, Samsung LEDs have been frequently operated, fully demonstrating the intent and ambition of multinational electronics giants to deepen the LED market. Following the strategic cooperation between Samsung and Mingzhou, the high-end lighting brand Zhou Minghanyuan and Samsung further launched in-depth cooperation. On April 10, 2014, the two parties signed an agreement to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership.

As we all know, Samsung is an international electronics giant. Its achievements in the field of electronics are unassailable. With its strong technical strength and brand advantages, the industry chain has been continuously extended and expanded. At present, LED business has become an important strategic area of ​​Samsung Electronics. one. Supported by technology and brand advantages, Samsung LED quickly occupied the commanding heights of the upstream LED industry chain and became one of the major international high-end chip and light source suppliers. It is the first in the industry to develop high-efficiency medium-power PKG products, which has improved performance by 7%. It is leading the industry in LED light source products, and has been mass-produced. The product line is complete and can meet the needs of various indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Relatively speaking, Chau Ming Hanyuan is a trump card in the e-commerce field. Users familiar with the e-commerce brand are no strangers to this, and the growth rate of Chau Ming Hanyuan is also very fast. It has only been in the e-commerce field for only 5 years. It has grown into the "first brand of e-commerce" for three consecutive years. It has been the champion of the light source category and LED lighting sales of Tmall Mall for three consecutive years. Its popularity has soared and it has become a star brand on the e-commerce platform. In 2013, it was only 11 days a day. The total number of transactions exceeded 20,000, and sales reached 21.42 million yuan. With the continuous eruption of the Tmall flagship store, the “Zhouming Hanyuan” brand has begun to show its prominence in all major e-commerce platforms, including Jingdong, Amazon, Suning Tesco, No. 1 Store, and Vipshop. The speed of such growth is not dependent on the outbreak of luck, but the guarantee of product quality and service, which precipitates the brand's reputation and influence.

The strategic cooperation between Samsung and Chau Minghanyuan aims to strengthen the deep cooperation between the two parties, and use their respective advantages to complement each other and continuously improve the industrial chain to achieve the goal of expanding the global LED lighting market. The two parties will give each other the greatest support, including but not limited to technology research and development, product production, marketing and brand promotion, based on the principle of mutual benefit and common development.

Samsung promises to give Zhou Minghan source strong support in technology, price, quality, delivery and credit in the market development. Chau Ming Hanyuan will also use its comprehensive e-commerce channel to quickly promote Samsung LED to the mass consumer field, let Samsung LED go down the cloud, familiarize itself with more end consumers, and complete the brand's “last” in the consumer field. Kilometers, thus achieving a win-win situation for both parties.

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