0 Preface

The car tachograph, commonly known as the car black box, is an electronic device that records the speed, time, mileage, and other status information of the vehicle. The tachograph can record information about vehicle operation and driver's driving activities in real time, and can effectively realize the inspection, monitoring, feedback and interactive management of information such as vehicle speed, continuous driving time, mileage and other operating conditions. All-round restraint and control of the driver's driving time, driving speed, driving route, etc., to curb serious traffic violations such as fatigue driving and vehicle overspeed, prevent road traffic accidents, and standardize vehicle management. Statistics show that the use of black boxes has reduced the traffic accident rate by 37% to 52%, greatly reducing casualties and property losses, resulting in significant social and economic benefits. In October 2003, the Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security released the national standard GB1 T1905622003 for vehicle driving recorders. The “black box” of the car will undoubtedly become a new standard. As the number of vehicles increases, traffic is constantly crowded. In order to ensure traffic safety, a mandatory installation of the drive recorder will be implemented in the future.

1 Classification of "black box"

Due to the different starting points of the various manufacturers, the types of products are different and the product structure is not the same. At present, the recorder on the market has formed a variety of product patterns with different performances. Car tachographs can be classified into single type, accident type, management type, integrated management type and 3G type according to their functions.

The 3G model is a new generation of vehicle drive recorders that have been optimized from software, hardware and system functions and developed with the aim of integrated management. The main features are multi-channel data acquisition and processing, continuous recording, large-capacity memory card and powerful integrated management software system to achieve resource sharing. This type of recorder utilizes powerful modern technology such as multi-channel data acquisition and processing platform, GPS satellite locator, large-capacity data storage card, increasingly mature geographic information system and back-end integrated management platform software, focusing on operational and special vehicles. Integrate management objectives to complete the vehicle integrated management process. Through the continuous recording of the whole process and the continuous state of each switch sensor on the computer software interface, the vehicle's operation, safety, quality and other comprehensive indicators can be fully monitored, and statistical charts can be printed according to requirements, and dynamic analysis can be adopted. The way to provide a highly valuable reference for the driver's safe driving.

This article introduces the design of the ARM-based 3G car "black box".

2 overall system design

The system consists of a recorder-mounted host and monitoring software. The host adopts TI's 32-bit RISC microprocessor TMS470R1A256 as the main controller, including basic recording module, display module, printer module, GPS module, GPRS module and data communication module. The overall design block diagram of the system is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 System block diagram

Figure 1 System block diagram

The system uses the TMS470R1A256 to acquire the external analog signal input, digital signal input and digital input signal separately. The data to be saved is processed and stored in the internal large-capacity memory. Real-time data (such as real-time vehicle speed, real-time time) and alarm signals can be displayed on the display panel. The GPS module measures the latitude and longitude and speed, and realizes remote monitoring and real-time tracking through GPRS.

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