On June 16, 2016, Dalian United Holdings, a leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, announced that its company has launched the Intel E3800 series of industrial robot solutions. The Intel® AtomTM processor E3800 (original code "Bay Trail") series features improved media/graphics performance, ECC, temperature range, comprehensive security, and integrated image processing. It can shorten the market investment time, improve the speed of integrated information application, reduce power consumption, etc., which satisfies the demand of industrial robots.

Figure 1 - Schematic diagram of the Intel E3800 processor introduced by the company

The Intel® E3800 product family is the first system-on-a-chip (SoC) designed for intelligent systems that delivers outstanding computing, graphics and media performance and operates over a wider range of thermal conditions. Based on the Silvermont microarchitecture, these SoCs use Intel's industry-leading 22nm process technology with 3-D tri-gate transistors to deliver significantly improved computing performance and energy efficiency.

Highlights of the product line include: 22nm process technology; main frequency 1.3-2GHz, 4 cores, dual core, single core optional; high I/O connectivity to meet industry interface requirements; integrated memory controller; virtualization; Error Correction Code (ECC) to meet specific industry needs and built-in safety functions; its thermal design power (TDP) range from 5W to 10W for fanless design; wide temperature design, support for industrial special environmental work and more. In short, in the current production area of ​​the processor, the Intel E3800 series can fully meet the needs of special areas of work.

About Dalian United Holdings:

Datongda Holdings is the world's number one semiconductor component distributor with leading market share in the Asia-Pacific region. Headquartered in Taipei (TSE:3702), it owns nearly 5,500 employees in Shiping, Pinjia, Zhiding and Youshang. There are more than 250 agent product suppliers, and there are about 115 distribution bases in the world (about 65 in Asia Pacific). In 2015, the turnover reached US$16.23 billion. (*Market rankings are published by Gartner)

Dalian United Holdings holds an industry holding platform, continuously optimizes the front-end marketing and logistics support team, acts as a professional partner in the industrial supply chain, provides Demand CreaTIon, turnkey solutions (Turnkey SoluTIon), technical support, warehousing logistics and IC Value-added services such as e-commerce meet the needs of different customers such as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs), electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS), and small and medium-sized enterprises. The scale of international operations and localized sales channels have long been deeply rooted in the Asia-Pacific market. It has been selected as the “Best IC Distributor in Asia” by professional media.

In order to improve the quality of localization services of the United Nations General Assembly and meet the differentiated needs of customers in the service areas of Greater China, the six major areas of the United Nations (China) services include China-Based Manufacturers and Taiwan-Based Manufacturers. ), Foreign Manufacturing Service, Japan-Based Manufacturers, Korea-Based Manufacturers and Hong Kong-Based Manufacturers customers. In addition to providing customers with the best turnkey solution (Turnkey SoluTIon), and in order to meet the customer's small-volume device procurement needs, the company has set up a dedicated small batch service team (SQS, Small QuanTIty Service). The United Nations has established the United Nations General University of Commerce and Trade in the Mainland and Hong Kong, the United Nations General Trading (Shenzhen) and the United Nations Electronic (Hong Kong), with the "Industry's Choice. Passage Benchmark" as the corporate vision and the full implementation of "Team, Integrity, The core values ​​of professionalism and efficiency are professional services to achieve mutual benefit and win-win for suppliers, customers and shareholders.

Machine Operation Panel

Feyvan CNC operation panel has a variety of designs for our customers to choose including unique European style design, acrylic button material, transparent crystal button, waterproof, oil proof, long service life, etc. Main panel characteristics as below:

- Supporting FANUC, MITSUBISHI and SIEMENS system.

- Supporting online debugging, easy error correction.

- Providing standard interface scheme and example procedures, easy to replacement and upgrading.

- Special design that can`t substitute between different factories.

- Band switch with G point check that will not appear unrecognizable code in the screen during turning.

Machine Operation Panel

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