On June 6, 2016, the board of directors of Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) received a written resignation application from Mr. Lei Lining, the company's director and general manager. Mr. Lei Lining applied for resignation from the company's directors and general manager for personal reasons. After resigning from the above positions, Mr. Relining ceased to hold any position in the company. According to the "Company Law", "Articles of Association" and other relevant documents, the above resignation application takes effect from the date of delivery to the company's board of directors.

Mr. Relining’s resignation from the above positions will not affect the normal operation of the company’s related work. According to the "Company Law", "Articles of Association" and other relevant regulations, Mr. Lei Lining's resignation did not result in the company's board of directors being less than a quorum, its resignation will not affect the normal operation of the board of directors, the company will be elected as soon as possible in accordance with relevant regulations and appointed The new general manager, before the appointment of the new general manager of the company's board of directors, was temporarily chaired by the chairman of the board, Mr. Li Guoping.

On July 9, 2015, Mr. Relinin made a commitment to increase the company's stock in the form of the secondary market or the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange within 12 months. As of now, Mr. Relinin has strictly fulfilled the above commitments and will continue to fulfill the above commitments after leaving office.

As of the date of this announcement, Mr. Lei Lining directly holds 3,846,640 shares of the company's shares, accounting for 0.63% of the company's total share capital. The changes in the above shares will follow the “Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM Listing Rules”, “Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM Listed Companies Standard Operation Guidelines”, “Listed Company Directors, Supervisors and Senior Management's Shares and Changes Management Rules and other relevant regulations.

Hongli Optoelectronics said that Mr. Lei Lining has fulfilled his responsibilities faithfully and diligently during his tenure as director and general manager of the company. The board of directors of the company expressed his heartfelt thanks to Mr. Lei Lining for his contribution to the company!

Senior engineers will continue to pay attention to further analysis.

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