On Dragon Boat Festival, do you eat rice dumplings?
The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the Lunar New Year in May. It is also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, the Midday Festival, the May Day and so on. The Dragon Boat Festival features eating dumplings, drinking realgar rice wine, hanging calamus, Artemisia, Artemisiae argyi, leaves of the Aetna Cynomorium, white pelican, and dragon boat racing. The Dragon Boat Festival VST Dice Festival is about to begin!

〓 Activity time 〓

From now until June 17, 2016

〓 Event Prizes 〓

First Prize: Puppy Home Smart Sweeping Robot 1 1st Place 2nd Prize: Di Youute Smart Box 1 Part 5 Third Place: Sofa Butler V5 Custom Edition T-Shirt 1 5

参与 How to participate

The unified reply format is: Remember that the first time you downloaded VST from a sofa butler was because ______________________.
Plus the photos after the sofa manager downloads the VST (must have a clear TV frame).
Examples of replies are as follows:

〓 Note 〓

Grab the building:
1, each person can reply up to 50 posts, each time continuous reply up to 5 floors; calculation results winning floor directly rounded, do not round off;
2, screenshots or photos can be issued only once, afterwards can only use the text to grab the building;
3, Winning Floor Encryption Package (Password will be announced after the lottery)

奖 Prize delivery 〓

1. After the activity is over, the winners will be announced within three working days and publicized for three days. The winner will be awarded after no objection.
2, the winners need to join the sofa network activity group: group number is 426470841;
3, please win the winner within three days through the forum to submit personal information to the sofa Forum Moderator: Mi Xue sister. Must be submitted in the following manner for statistical convenience.
(Winning personal information submission deadline, June 25, 2016, 18:00)

Name of activity: Sofa butlers and VST --- sofa butler's Dragon Boat Festival VST Dianzi Festival will begin!

4, if you can not submit personal information through the forum site, please contact the landlord in the "Sofa Network - Activity Group (QQ group number)" to provide login forum screenshots and personal information.
5. The final interpretation right of this activity is owned by the sofa butler and VST.

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