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Today, more and more electronic products equipped with touch technology are integrated into life. The innovation of touch continues to bring us new surprises, not only in consumer electronics, but also in medical, automotive and industrial industries. The technical requirements are also quite extensive, and touch technology has penetrated into various application fields. At the same time, we can also see a series of innovative trends in touch IC technology. A few days ago, the editor of the electronic enthusiast website had the opportunity to interview General Manager Lin Zhiming of Jinxin Technology. General Manager Lin Zhiming showed us a magnificent blueprint that “the great wheel of the times will flatten the roughness of the road”.

Touch continues to ferment and actively respond to new market demands

General Manager Lin Zhiming of Axin Technology introduced that the gene of Axin Technology is destined to be the most suitable and most willing to be applied and developed in emerging markets, so it was originally locked in the promotion of emerging markets such as touch ICs. Although the penetration rate of touch ICs in certain fields still needs to be improved, the popularity of tablet PCs and smartphones for touch ICs is obvious to all. We know that there are many other areas that have not yet been developed, such as automobiles, industrial control and home appliances In the field of touch applications, on the whole, we are still optimistic about the continuous fermentation of touch ICs, so we are still optimistic about the future market of touch ICs.

Regarding the future development direction and difficulties of touch IC, General Manager Lin Zhiming also expressed his own unique views.

Actively respond to the new demand for touch control, Jingxin Technology creates the highest comprehensive benefit

Picture: General Manager Lin Zhiming of Jingxin Technology

For the future development of touch IC technology, there will be further differentiation, that is to say, there are two directions, using a single touch IC can touch more screens of different sizes and achieve better resolution , Higher debugging rate, better anti-interference noise function, but another way is to say, because the CPU core is getting better and better, so you can further use a more power-saving and energy-efficient CPU to do Different applications are developed for different customer plans.

Since many emerging human-machine interface touch applications are gradually emerging, there is now a theory in the industry that is the integrated application of touch ICs and panel driver ICs. In the future, will the touch IC be integrated with the LCD driver, or will it remain independent, or will the OLED display win. General Manager Lin Zhiming believes that these three trends, with the help of the overall display industry, industry and technology, are likely to occur at different levels, and will also allow different product planning to get the way out. Therefore, the impact of OLED displays Customers such as control ICs are also planning. Since this market is still accelerating, perhaps these three will coexist first, and then talk about which one will win. Therefore, the solution we support is to promote the upgrade of 8-bit and 16-bit to 32-bit as soon as possible in order to achieve better results in these three different development aspects.

Improve the tool chain and strive for the highest comprehensive benefits for customers

General Manager Lin Zhiming introduced that the characteristics of the design of Jingxin Technology CPU is to obtain the best balance among several main functions, such as power consumption, efficiency and efficiency. In the touch IC part, from our N7, N8, N9 AndesCore CPU core as the CPU of the embedded touch IC SoC, there are quite a lot of applications for such applications. We provide technical and support experience to customers, so in this regard, the plan will be The four directions of PPAC (power consumption, efficiency, area, program) of N7, N8, N9 itself are getting better and better, which can achieve the industry's lowest power consumption, relatively better performance, relatively small area, Relatively smaller program. Let our customers get the highest comprehensive benefits when using AndesCore to plan touch ICs.

Jingxin Technology always insists on creating the maximum value for customers. As an embedded CPU, our starting point is that our overall CPU solution is to allow customers to integrate products faster and better, and to quickly launch products. For this reason, we have always insisted on improving our own tool chain. For example, when a customer writes a program written in C code to be converted into our system, the size of the program code is relatively reduced. In addition, our instruction set can also make the touch IC more efficient. In order to facilitate customers to use C language for development and application, Jingxin Technology is also committed to a full C language development environment. Now, the third-generation instruction set has already achieved a full C development environment.

Andes Technology regards single-chip integrated core as a big goal, and reduces the difficulty of market entry and technical difficulty. This is the direction that the industry's leading IP supplier should strive. Jingxin has done quite well in the infrastructure needed to provide customers, and the tool chain is also very mature, including hardware and software development platform, CPU itself is designed to make customers feel better for the purpose . These efforts give Jingxin IP cores considerable advantages in the market, and these advantages have also resulted in higher acceptance of our customers, and are used by more than 15 customers around the world in touch IC.

General Manager of Linxin Ming said that there will be some difficulties in the development process. Jingxin actively responds to market demands, extends product design and planning to the latest and possibly future killer areas, and actively innovates. Let the products continue to develop, so that customers can develop, Jingxin can also benefit. We believe that with the advancement of technology, the great wheel of the times will flatten the roughness of the road!

——This article is selected from the “High-end Interview Column” of the “Effective Touch Technology Issue” of the Electronic Audiophile Network in October. Please indicate the source for reprinting.

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