As an important component of passive components, RF coaxial connectors have good broadband transmission characteristics and a variety of convenient connection methods, and thus are widely used in test instruments, weapon systems, communication equipment and other products. Since the application of RF coaxial connectors almost penetrates into various sectors of the national economy, its reliability has become more and more concerned and valued. This paper analyzes the failure mode of RF coaxial connectors and discusses how to improve its reliability.

Although there are many varieties of RF coaxial connectors, whether they are screw-type type: N-type, SMA, 3.5mm, bayonet connection type such as: BNC, C, or push-in connection type such as: SMB, SSMB, MCX The principle is basically the same. The N-type connector is taken as an example to analyze the failure mode and the method of improving reliability. Figure 0-1 is a schematic structural view of an N-type connector.

Schematic diagram of the N-type connector

When the N-type connector pair is connected, the outer conductor contact faces (electrical and mechanical reference faces) of the connector pair are mutually tightened by the pulling force of the threads, thereby achieving a small contact resistance (<5 mΩ). The pin portion of the inner conductor of the pin is inserted into the hole of the inner conductor of the jack, and the electrical contact between the two inner conductors at the mouth of the inner conductor of the jack is maintained by the elasticity of the wall of the jack (contact resistance "3 mΩ"). At this time, the step surface of the inner conductor of the pin and the end surface of the inner conductor of the jack are not tightly pressed, but a gap of 0.1 mm is left, which has an important influence on the electrical performance and reliability of the coaxial connector. The ideal connection state of the N-type connector pair can be summarized as follows: good contact of the outer conductor, good contact of the inner conductor, good support of the inner support of the medium support, and correct transmission of the thread tension. Once the above connection status changes, the connector will fail. Let's start with these points and analyze the failure principle of the connector to find the correct way to improve the reliability of the connector.

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