The country has always practiced the concept and spirit of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the transportation sector is always responding to the call of the state. To this end, the energy-saving features of the LED traffic display are important indicators for the engineering party to purchase products. LED traffic displays, especially those mounted on highways, often require thick cables to provide current, and cable construction that stretches for miles or even kilometers over several kilometers is a huge cost. On the other hand, the LED display requires 24 hours of uninterrupted work, and the power consumption is also a matter of strength. Therefore, whether the LED traffic display is energy-saving is an important factor in engineering cost.
In order to achieve energy-saving effects, LED display manufacturers have made a big fuss in the design and manufacture of products. Only reasonable design, full consideration of lighting conditions, according to the day and night outside the completely different light from my adjustment of the screen brightness to meet the normal vision of the human eye, in order to ensure long-term reliable, energy-efficient and efficient use of LED traffic screen. Dazu Yuanheng starts from the soft and hardware aspects, and minimizes the working temperature of the screen to ensure the lowest loss of the product.
In addition, the energy saving of LED traffic display is also reflected in the visual pertinence. The role of the LED traffic display is to display traffic information and provide traffic information for pedestrians coming and going, thus acting as a guide, reminder or warning. This special application place determines that the LED traffic display only needs to display text or symbols simply and is only available to drivers and travelers on the road. Vehicles that are too high or too low do not need to see the content above the screen. Therefore, the traffic screen does not have to pursue the colorful and various high-end performances of conventional displays, but should emphasize the characteristics of energy saving. The LED traffic display of Dazu Yuanheng is more than 75% energy-saving than the ordinary display, and the energy-saving effect is obvious.
Stability is the basic performance emphasized by LED displays. LED traffic displays require special stability. Because the installation sites are almost always outdoors, the climate varies greatly around the world. The weather changes throughout the year have formed a complex and ever-changing environment. If the product performance is unstable, the first is the great inconvenience of maintenance. It is the economic benefit of the loss of traffic operators and display manufacturers, and even the reputation of manufacturers is seriously affected.
To ensure the stability of the LED traffic display, it is necessary to make each lamp behave with sufficient energy efficiency, so that the input electric energy can be fully converted into effective light energy, thereby ensuring the brightness of the whole screen is consistent. The project of LED traffic display involves many objects such as transportation department, construction department, engineering side, system side and display manufacturer. Sometimes it takes several years from project bidding to construction to acceptance, and LED traffic display Early installation went up. In this case, if the stability of the display product is not enough, resulting in unsuccessful acceptance, the recovery of the money becomes extremely difficult, which is a fatal blow to the LED display manufacturing company. Dazu Yuanheng started from abroad and applied it to the domestic market with strict requirements for traffic display. The product warranty is five years.

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