Zhong Jianwen, assistant professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Far East University of Taiwan, used LED lights to control the lighting of the house. In addition to let the laying hens lay eggs, and the eggs are particularly fragrant. Through research results, he suggested that consumers should break the stereotype of "the bigger the egg, the better" when choosing eggs.

(The left is the use of LED lights to control the eggs produced by the chicken house lighting, the egg white is sticky, the egg yolk stands like a ball)

Zhong Jianwen said that LED lights can boost the chicken industry. His plan was subsidized by the National Science Council to prove that red light can stimulate the number of eggs laid, green light can increase the size of eggs, and single light source can increase the survival rate of small hens. He said that the general "white eggs" are usually selected, and the nutrition is enough. Generally, the hens that are kept for 18 weeks will produce eggs most, and the older hens who have more than 80 weeks will lay the largest eggs, but because of the water, they are not necessarily nutritious. It is recommended that consumers do not need to pick the big ones.

After nine years of research, Zhong Jianwen published the results yesterday and was tested by students from the Department of Food and Beverage Management. In the general egg bought by Chaohao, open the eggshell, the egg white is as clear and thin as water, and the egg yolk collapses, and the egg is directly fried in the pan, and the egg white is easy to stick.

The LED light is used to control the eggs produced by the chicken house lighting. The egg white is thick and the egg yolk stands like a ball. Wu Yuhui, a student who had worked as an intern at Ding Taifeng, said that this kind of egg is especially easy to fry. It can be turned over in two bowls. It is not only beautiful in shape, but also biting protein and chewy, and the egg yolk is particularly fragrant.

Zhong Jianwen explained that the high temperature in summer, the chicken desperately drink water, the eggs laid, the eggshell is thin, the transport is easy to break, and the egg white is thin. Chickens controlled by LED lighting, eggshell strength, egg yolk weight, egg thick ratio, are better.

Zhong Jianwen pointed out that the academic literature has proved that the illumination can stimulate the laying hens; using the cold light source of the LED lamp and the heat dissipation system, the mood of the laying hen is relatively stable and easy to raise.

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